Family Photoshoots in PA

Family photoshoots are ones I don’t do too often. I photograph families during maternity and newborn sessions but I love it when my past clients come back for updated family portraits. Whenever a new season starts, I find myself going through the sessions from the previous seasons. When I came across these fall family photoshoots, I knew I had to share them with you. Both sessions were at one of my all time favorite locations and we were lucky enough to have the amazing fall colored trees surrounding us both times.

Family Photoshoots in Action

It doesn’t matter if you have one child, or 6 children, I will always recommend some fun action shots. I love those genuine facial expressions and I want to capture your family at play. I love those posed shots and try to get those out of the way first, but it’s only in those fun and smile-filled moments, I get to capture the real laughs and the real ‘you’.

Outdoor fall child photoshoot in PA.

Family Photoshoots With Everyone

Of course at a family photoshoot, we will take more than enough pictures of everyone together, but I also suggest taking pictures separately with the kids and parents. The bond between a parent and their child is unique to everyone and I love to capture it. Not only that, but getting pictures of your kids on their own or together is something you will always look back on and cherish.

Outdoor fall family photoshoot in PA.

Pictures of Mom and Dad

Your family started with the two of you and just like it’s important to capture your family growing up, it’s just as important to capture the two of you. Your love is what builds, sustains, and keeps your family strong. Don’t forget to take a few minutes to celebrate your relationship.

Outdoor fall family and couples photoshoot in PA.

Family Photoshoot Do’s and Don’ts

  • Don’t be too matchy/matchy
  • Do pick complementary colors
  • Don’t wear something uncomfortable
  • Do think about your shoes
  • Don’t go crazy with patterns
  • Don’t stress too much and have fun

If you aren’t sure what to wear and need some input on what you’ve already picked out, don’t worry! We will go over everything during your consultation call. Along the way, while you are shopping, send me pictures and I’ll help you figure it out as we go. I want these pictures just as perfect as you do and will help in any way I can!

I would love to capture some special memories for you and your family. Feel free to browse my website and blog inspiration. Reach out with any questions and we will get you scheduled!

Beauty in Boudoir in Philadelphia

Boudoir photography is one of the most amazing experiences a person can go through. Whether the session is for themselves or someone else, the feelings and pictures they walk away with are truly life changing. It’s very common to be nervous and self-conscious, but with the right photographer, you will love every minute of your session. 

I have put together a list of my favorite tips and suggestions that I use in all my boudoir sessions. Please read this article and browse my portfolio and Pinterest to gather ideas, inspiration, and come up with questions. I am always here to answer all of your questions and address all your concerns.

What Should I Wear?

Come dressed in your everyday clothes, but remember to bring a robe. When you arrive, I will have you change into the robe to help minimize lines on your body from your clothes and underwear. I ask that you also bring slippers or flip flops since socks and shoes can also leave marks on your feet and ankles.

Types of Outfits and Lingerie Suggestions

  • Your favorite pieces of lingerie such as slips, matching underwear sets, or bustiers
  • Jewel tones always look amazing against the skin. Try to avoid satin or shiny materials since they don’t always photograph well
  • Lace or low cut bodysuits
  • Loose t-shirts or sweatshirts
  • Your favorite jeans, tops, dresses, or skirts
  • Heels or boots
  • Pick clothing that is important to you and/or your partner

Whatever you bring, make sure you are comfortable wearing it. Your comfort is my number one concern and if you are not comfortable and confident, the session won’t be as perfect as I know it can be.

Makeup and Hair

Since the session comes with complete hair and makeup, please come with clean and washed hair, as well as without makeup. When we’re done getting you ready, the makeup may seem like a lot, but I promise it’s the perfect amount for the session.

How To Prepare

Aside from outfits and accessories, I highly recommend going through my website, blog, Instagram, and Pinterest to gather and save anything you like. Once you arrive for your session, we will take a lot of what you like and what you have brought and put together the session of your dreams.

Why Do Boudoir?

It doesn’t matter if you are doing this for yourself, your fiance, or your partner, these sessions are all about showing and expressing love. It’s a love for yourself or a partner that is deeply rooted and personal to you. Even if these pictures stay tucked away in a drawer, they are there for you to look at and remember how amazing, sexy, and beautiful you are. 

Regardless of body type, stretch marks, scars, and what you see as imperfections, I see you as the strong and confident person you are. I will be there to not only show you exactly how to pose, but also remind you how incredible you are. I will be cheering you on and celebrating right along with you.

After your session, we will sit down and you will be able to view and purchase your absolute favorite images and together, we will design the album of your dreams.

I would be honored to help you capture some incredible and beautiful boudoir images. Please reach out at anytime and we get to planning your session.

The Right Photographer

Let’s talk about choosing the right photographer for you. Whether it’s a newborn, graduation, cake smash, or family photography session, there is reason to celebrate. Just one of the many things I love about my job is that I get to be part of such amazing and intimate moments for so many different people. Each session is unique and each provides special memories for me and the client.

Questions to ask when choosing a photographer. Professional newborn, family, boudoir and beauty photographer in Pennsylvania.

As a photographer, but also someone with a family, I know how hard it can be to choose a photographer. Besides liking their style and aesthetic, it’s important to know a little about them as well. Do your research. Read reviews, scroll through their social media, and of course, ask questions. I love it when potential clients ask me questions because it means they are invested in the experience just as much as I am. Not only does asking questions help you learn about them, but it also gives you some insight into their personality. Getting along with your photographer is just as important as knowing they do a good job.

Ask Your Photographer Questions

Hopefully you’ve done your research and know the costs and various packages and what each one includes. If you’re still unsure as to what you’re getting from the session, your photographer should always be ready to answer any of your questions. You might want to consider asking additional questions as well.

  • How many images can I expect to receive?
  • What is the expected turnaround time for getting my photographs?
  • How would you describe your style?
  • I don’t know what to do in front of the camera. Will you pose me?
  • What kind of props and accessories do you have in the studio?
  • How long are your sessions?
  • What kind of touch ups or edits do you make?
  • What kinds of products do you offer?

The Relationship With Your Photographer

Depending on the type of session, it can either be very fun and loud or intimate and relaxed. When talking to your photographer, make sure you feel comfortable with them. You don’t have to become best friends, but the more at ease and secure you are with each other, the better. Your photographer is there to guide you, make suggestions, and make sure you have a positive experience. If you don’t feel that you can trust them or feel some kind of connection to them, you might need to consider a different photographer.

Questions to ask when choosing a photographer. Professional newborn, family, boudoir and beauty photographer in Pennsylvania.
Questions to ask when choosing a photographer. Professional newborn, family, boudoir and beauty photographer in Pennsylvania.

My Goals As Your Photographer

Personally, I can honestly say I love all of my clients. It’s so much fun getting to know them and their families. Everyone has such a different story and background and I am constantly amazed at how lucky I am to have such great clients. From the first interaction to the last, I do everything I can to put my clients at ease. It is my job to not only capture once in a lifetime moments, but to help you create them. I want my work to be looked at for generations to come. I want my work to bring happy memories that you and your loved ones can look back on and enjoy.

Here’s the truth. I’m not perfect and will not claim to be. Am I the right photographer for you? Let’s find out! I am always available to answer any and all questions. I encourage you to look through my site, portfolios, blogs, and social media. When you’re ready to create some magic, reach out, and we’ll get started!

Maternity Boudoir in Pennsylvania

There is nothing more beautiful than an expecting mother who wants to celebrate her changing body. When we mix boudoir and maternity, we are creating a session for you to embrace all the amazing things you are. This session gives me chills. This momma to be was so confident and comfortable with herself that we both found ourselves so in awe of the images we created together.

Why do boudoir maternity?

Bringing life into this world is incredible by itself, but when it’s coupled with recognizing the beauty of pregnant bodies, well, there really are no words. It is just incredible! With all the maternity photoshoots I’m privileged to do, I see women who are both extremely confident and some who may not be as confident. Believe me when I tell you that all pregnant bodies deserve to be praised and admired. These are once in a lifetime moments and should be captured. Part of my job is making sure you feel confident and beautiful. We will work together to make sure you have the boudoir maternity photoshoot of your dreams.

In studio boudoir maternity in Pennsylvania with black lingerie.

Let’s Head Outside

These outdoor photos were not originally part of the plan, but I am so glad she asked for them. You can never go wrong with a classic gown, nature, and a pregnant belly. Taking pictures outdoors provides such a different atmosphere that it’s almost like a completely different session. I encourage all sessions, maternity or not, to head outside and get some photographs worth remembering.

Outdoor maternity photoshoot with dramatic sunset and gowns in Pennsylvania.

Boudoir, Black & White, and Backlit

If you’re not sure how special I think pregnant bodies are, I’ll say it again. They are simply incredible! These backlit photos are some of my favorites from this session. The backlight creates both shadows and highlights that would otherwise go unseen. They give the body a gorgeous outline and showcases the sexy and romantic side of this time in your life.

Fine art black and white backlit implied nudity at maternity photoshoot in Pennsylvania.

Maternity Looks

No matter your comfort level, I have a wardrobe full of options. From full ball gowns, angel wings, wraps, and jackets, I have something for you. We will play with colors and textures to highlight only what you want shown. Between the wardrobe, hair and makeup, we will make you look and feel as gorgeous as we know you are.

I would love to help you create the maternity session of your dreams! I am here to answer any of questions and to make you feel as beautiful as possible. Take a look at my past blogs, Instagram, and portfolio for ideas for your own photoshoot.

Your Perfect Maternity Shoot

One of the questions I get asked the most is when is the best time to have a maternity session. It’s a good question. While I recommend between 32 and 36 weeks, or even as early as 28 weeks, it all depends on how you are feeling and showing. Whether you know exactly what you want out of your maternity session or you aren’t so sure, I’ve put together a few of my favorite tips to get the most of your session.

Maternity Photoshoot Tips

Pamper Yourself – this is the perfect time to get your hair & your nails done. I even recommend getting a massage beforehand so you are plenty relaxed. I have a very detailed prep document I send to all my clients detailing what to do to prepare for your photography session. We offer full hair and makeup for your session, as well as full styling advice together with an entire maternity wardrobe.

Be Sentimental – if you have a special blanket, baby toy, or even something from your own childhood you would like included in your maternity photoshoot, please bring it. I love it when clients bring cherished items. It makes the photoshoot that much more special!

Try Different Looks – one of the best things about the photos I’ve included on this blog is all the different outfits she used. No matter what you choose to wear, I just want to make sure you are comfortable. We can talk about different outfits and looks before your session to make sure we plan your dream maternity session!

Family – you don’t have to, but consider including your partner and other children in your maternity photoshoot. These are once in a lifetime memories that you are all a part of.

Ask Questions – finding the right photographer can be challenging. We will talk about what kind of look(s) you’re after, what you’re comfortable with, and what I can do to help the process. I want your session to be perfect for you and will do whatever I can to make that happen.

Picture Perfect Photoshoot

When thinking about when to have your session, keep in mind how much you want to be showing. You also want to consider how far along you will be. The closer you are to the due date, you may be more uncomfortable, and the baby might decide to come early.

Maternity photoshoots are all about celebrating you, your body, and this next stage of your life. Whether your session is in a studio, outdoors, elegant, or intimate, I know we can create the maternity photoshoot of your dreams.

Please reach out with any questions. Feel free to browse my instagram and portfolio for outfit, pose, or location ideas. I cannot wait to make some new memories with you!

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