Looking for a Newborn Photographer

Looking for a Newborn Photographer

Styling Neutral Newborn

Looking for a Newborn Photographer?

Looking for a newborn photographer near me is one of the most searched phrases on the internet these days. I am sure you’ve used it at some point as well.  As you know, the task of finding a newborn photographer is a little overwhelming. There are many amazing and talented professional newborn photographers out there. It takes some time to find one that you love, admire and feel comfortable with.


Finding that perfect photographer near you often feels like winning a lottery. That person becomes part of your family, capturing the most important and special moments of your life. From your maternity pictures, to newborn photo sessions, milestone photos, birthdays, family photo shoots and anything in between, your photographer is there to capture it all. To freeze those fleeting moments for you and your family and to give your kids the gift of memories.


As we all know, sometimes life changes and you have to relocate to another state. You end up losing that special connection with a person who used to capture your family’s special moments.  No matter where your life and work takes you and your family, I want you to be in the best hands when it comes to newborn and family photography. To help you out, I’ve compiled a list of super talented, award winning baby photographers all over U.S.A.

Looking for a newborn photographer? I am sure you will find a newborn photographer nearby to capture your special memories from my list below.


 So Cute Photo  

One of the biggest events of my life was having my daughter in 2020. We tried for 3 years to get pregnant with one loss, so she was our little miracle rainbow baby. While 2020 was such a hard year for so many, I was gratefully for all the blessing that came that year. 

I was born and raised in the Monterey Bay and I started my newborn photography business here in 2013. While newborn photography is my specialty, I definitely still do maternity, milestone, and family photography. 

Choosing a career was hard for me. It felt like everything fit a little and nothing fit at the same time. Photography had always been a hobby for me ever since I was little, and I loved it. But my mom tried to steer me away from it, knowing how hard life is for an artist. In my mid-twenties I finally gave into the fact that photography was my calling. Once I dove in, I knew I wanted to specialize in something. I always loved kids and babies, and that’s what I focused on. After a few newborn sessions I knew this was the right fit. I get to photograph these perfect tiny little people and how much love they bring to a family. 

california newborn photographer


Mariela Duval Photography

I am a wife, a mother, a pediatric pharmacist, a translator and a photographer.  I love to travel, read books and enjoy good food, coffee, and wineI photograph newborn, maternity, and family photography.  My style for newborn in posed, in studio, neutral and classic.  For maternity, I love studio photos showcasing the powerful and beautiful woman body as a miracle grows inside them.  My family photo sessions are more candid, wanting to capture the personality during this stage of their life.I love newborn photography as I love to capture these precious moments that are so fleeting. I see so much hope and future in these babies. Also love that each little human being is already showing their personality from day one and try to capture their essence during the photo session.

atlanta georgia newborn photographer


Sweigart Photography

My name is Joelle and I am premier South Florida newborn, maternity and family photographer. I specialize in fine art and custom portraits. I have been in business for over a decade. I live in Jupiter, Florida with my husband and three children. My family is my everything and the center of my World. I love spending time with them and creating and capturing sweet memories. I try to remind myself on a daily basis how quickly time is flying; my oldest was just born and it feels as though I only blinked once and he’s already half way through graduating high school. I grew up in Switzerland, so cheese, chocolate, and coffee are staples in my house. I love to travel and can’t wait to resume and discover more places!

My business started out of passion for photography and wanting to capture my kids’s first everything; first smiles, first times on their bellies, first steps, first lost tooth, etc… I realized how quickly time was fleeting. I wanted to offer that to clients and for over a decade now, I have captured many newborns and expectant mothers, hundreds of children, and families through my photography. I strive to capture unique moments in time that will become part of their story and family heirloom.

My passion truly lies with my tiniest newborn clients and their mamas. I adore working with newborns and maternity clients and have been doing so over a decade. I have always had a passion for working with these sweet little bundles of joy. If I wasn’t newborn photographer today, I’d probably would have been a NICU nurse.


Picture Perfect NY

I love coffee and could eat sushi for every meal. As long as I can remember, I loved pictures. Looking at old memories was always very satisfying. My husband Joe is what really took me to the next level as he always brought the camera everywhere we went. The birth if our first 2 children is where it really took off. We have 4 beautiful kids and recently got a dog. If I am not taking photos, you can most likely find me watching SVU. at a basketball game with my oldest son or shopping with my oldest daughter.

Picture Perfect NY was established in 2010. It is our 5th child! We are a husband and wife team who are complete opposites but agree that the perfect portrait is what takes your breath away.I love being a newborn photographer. The creativity and the baby snuggles is what makes it so rewarding. Never feels like a job.

NYC newborn photographer


Melissa DeVoe Photography

I’m a proud mom to three boys and have been working passionately as a photographer for almost 12 years.

I specialize in posed newborn photography and work out of my studio where I have a massive collection of props (blankets, baskets, buckets, wraps, hats, etc.). I pride myself on sessions with a large variety of setups, poses and angles. From prop photos to close-up shots of itty bitty baby parts (toes, fingers, etc.). I’m a perfectionist and work hard to get every detail captured perfectly for parents!

I love newborn photography simply because I love babies. Even when I first started in photography and was doing a wide variety of different sessions, I was always drawn to newborns and how each baby was different in its personality and looks. Posing every baby is a different challenge for me, and I love to be artistic through each session.

Raleigh North Carolina Newborn Photographer


SugaShoc Photography

My name is Candy and I am the owner and founder of SugaShoc Photography. The company was founded in Doylestown, PA located in Bucks County, in May of 2013.

 I have a loving husband, two beautiful boys, and a little girl. They fill my life with love and joy and my passion for photography arose because of them. After my first son was born, my love of photography grew as I was able to capture his moments growing up. Looking back on those pictures, it brings me such joy as memories of him as a baby came flooding back.

I specialize in Newborn, Maternity & Boudoir Photography. I am a full service newborn photographer. From the gorgeous props, tiebacks, hats, bonnets, wraps, and tiny little outfits made especially for newborns, to the beautiful albums, and other unique print products, I have you covered!

Photographing newborns has always been a dream of mine. I love designing and creating unique sets for each of my clients. I want my clients to look back on their photos 20-30 years from now and remember what it was like to hold their precious baby in their hands. It is a privilege and an honor that I get to say I am a newborn photographer when someone asks me what I do for a living.

Doylestown PA newborn photographer


Morgan Mathews Photography

My name is Morgan. I have been married for 14 years and I have 4 kids… three boys and our youngest is a girl. I have a deep love for Disneyland.I am starting my 9th year of being a photographer and photographing newborns. My goal is to create timeless images that will be loved for many years. My sessions consist of mostly neutral color schemes with pops of color. You can find me on instagram where I share behind the scenes of sessions, images from recent sessions, and everything in between.I honestly love everything about photographing newborns. I truly believe that every newborn is perfect and such a gift. I love knowing that people trust me with their sweet newborns to keep them safe and capture all of their newness.

reno nevada newborn photographer


Yellow Lollipop Photography

My name is Aneta and I am NJ top newborn photographer. I am a mom to 3 little boys and 2 fur puppies. I love cooking, learning new things, reading books and hiking.  I also love crime shows 🙂

I have been in business for almost 10 years. I went to college for business and never even thought of being a newborn photographer. Once I had my babies everything changed. I grabbed the camera and wanted to capture every single moment of their lives. I’ve started taking classes and immersed myself in photography. Turns out I am a natural! Absolutely love my job and could not imagine doing anything else but taking photos of sweet little babies.

Having a baby is the most momentous event in people’s lives and I get to share it with them. How special is that?! I love meeting new families and photographing their new sweet babies. Newborn sessions always lift up my mood, remind me what is truly important in life.

nj best newborn photographer near me


KRyan Photography

Lover of timeless images, moody black & whites. Freckles. I love strong eye contact, serious expressions, images that evoke a memory of a certain time and place. I am a minimalist at heart.

I love kids and all things childhood. Relaxed and patient, it is much more important to me to capture those ‘perfect’ images for you rather than keep to a rigid schedule.  There is nothing that excites me more than creating a newborn’s first images or spending the morning capturing those unique personality traits of your little one.  I feel entirely blessed to be the person chosen to do this for you.  As the mother of three grown daughters, I fully realize from first-hand experience just how truly important these memories are.

I love editing and can get lost for hours working on one picture.  When not in the studio, you will find me on the beach, reading a book or spending time with family.  I am a lover of early morning light, traveling, exercise and spa sessions, have a major coffee addiction… and probably spend more time prop shopping on Etsy than I should !


Beka Price Photography 

I am Rebeca Price, the owner and photographer of Beka Price Photography, an Award Winning portrait studio based in Holladay, Utah specialized in Fine Maternity, Newborn and Family Photography. We provide a FULL portrait experience, STRESS-FREE that is designed with YOUR HOME in mind. Beka Price is known for her artistic style often described as classic, sophisticated and timeless.Traveling and eating good food are among my top favorite things to do. When I am not with my family, I am running this business of capturing love and life’s miracles for other families.

utah newborn photographer


Sugarloaf Photography

My name is Jussara (JOO-SE-ruh) and I am an in-home newborn and maternity photographer based in central Maryland, who enjoys documenting little ones first days on Earth while putting my artistic spin on it. I’m a wife and a mom. My family is my inspiration and my rock. I am an incurable optimist by nature. I believe in God and in being true to myself.

maryland newborn photographer


Hello Photography

I am an Austin, Texas maternity and newborn photographer.  I have an 8 year old son named Deacon and a super drooly dog named Maggie Delicious.  We live each day to love and laugh and make memories together.

My business, Hello Photography, in Austin, Texas, captures the beauty of motherhood and parenting through stunning portraits at all stages. I specialize in maternity and newborn photography creating incredible, one-of-a-kind images for each client.

I live for those sweet little fingers and sleepy faces I photograph during newborn sessions. I love seeing those little babies from their first photoshoot on through their first year- sitting up, smiling, and then on to their first year cake smash photoshoot. There are so many changes that happen in that first year and it is so wonderful to be a part of it and capture those memories for each family.

austin newborn photographer

Wedding Gift Boudoir Photography | Philly, PA

Looking for the perfect wedding gift? There’s nothing sexier and more romantic than stunning photos of what he loves most–YOU! Wedding gift boudoir photography is the perfect way to celebrate your special day together.

This gorgeous bride wanted something sexy and special to share with her husband on their wedding day, and reached out to me to schedule a wedding gift boudoir photography session. It was wonderful getting to know her and hearing her love story!

She met her husband on OKCupid, before online dating became super common and Tinder and other phone apps were a thing. She said she was nervous about online dating, but she’d just moved and didn’t know anyone in the area, so thought she would give it a shot. Thank goodness she did! Taking a brave step into the world of online dating allowed her to meet her best friend–the person she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

As well as giving her husband an amazing gift on their special day, this client also wanted to invest in a wedding gift boudoir photography session for herself. In her own words, she wanted something she could “look back on in the future and think ‘Damn, I was hot!’ I think all women have to learn to be comfortable in their skin, and what better way than to strip down and feel sexy in front of a camera?”

I loved being able to help her create this unforgettable wedding gift and show her what a powerful, sexy, gorgeous woman she is!

Philly Area Boudoir Photography

Interested in boudoir photography? Whether it’s a gift for that special someone or simply a way to celebrate your own body and boost your self-esteem, I would love to help you create the perfect session. Not sure you’re ready? I always tell people that the best time to book a boudoir session is when you’re feeling a little unsure about yourself and your body. You are smokin’ hot and I can prove it! Contact me today to book your session!

Boudoir photography Philly PA
Woman in black lace intimate apparel reclining on bed
Professional boudoir photos, Doylestown Pennsylvania
Woman on bed, sexy boudoir photography
Wedding gift boudoir photography, philadelphia pa
Woman in black intimate wear, boudoir photos
Best boudoir photography near me Philly area
Black and white photo of woman in lingerie
Studio boudoir photography Pennsylvania
Best boudoir photographers PA
Woman reclining on floor in red lace underclothing, wedding gift boudoir photography Philly PA
Nude woman lying on studio floor
Black and white photo of nude woman on bed, sexy boudoir photography
Naked woman leaning aginst wall, best boudoir photographers in Pennsylvania
Woman on couch wearing black lace intimate wear, romantic boudoir photos
seated woman in black romper, wedding gift boudoir photos
Black and white photo of nude woman kneeling on bed

New Photography Studio | Doylestown, PA

I am so excited to share the images of my new photography studio with all of you! As a professional photographer, I am always looking for ways to enhance my services and make your experience truly stunning–and one of the most important aspects of any photoshoot is where it takes place.

new photography studio doylestown pa, street view of SugaShoc photography studio

Location, Location, Location!

I was on the lookout for about a year for a building to purchase. Finally found this gem in the heart of Doylestown Borough. It’s close to the courthouse and conveniently located within walking distance of Burpee Park and tons of restaurants and shops. Plus, there’s a ten-car parking lot behind the building. (Reserved exclusively for our clients!) After fully renovating both interior and exterior of the building, it is now the perfect place for capturing memories and creating beautiful portraits.

photography studio doylestown pa, collage of studio interior images

Photography Studio Amenities

Since I specialize in newborn, maternity, and boudoir photography, I wanted my studio to be a special and comfortable place. I created a newborn and baby room for my littlest clients, plus a makeup room so that ladies here for their boudoir or maternity portraits can have a separate space to be pampered before the session. We also provide hair and makeup for all our newborn moms. We love pampering our newborn moms with hair & makeup. No need to rush to get ready for your newborn session! Just wake up, roll out of bed, and arrive at our studio and relax!

There’s also a kitchen fully stocked with snacks, coffee, and drinks, free WiFi, and a TV with Netflix and Hulu. Whether you’re in front of the camera or not, you’ll enjoy every minute of your time at SugaShoc Photography!

photo studio amenities, images of kitchenette, cookie and milk jars, coffee bar sign

Photography Props, Outfits, and Backdrops at the Studio

When it’s time for your actual session, you have tons of options to choose from! I set up my photography studio with a variety of walls (including the popular pallet wall) so there are lots of backgrounds.

And where outfits are concerned–the sky is the limit! I have tons of robes, dresses, and lingerie suitable for maternity and boudoir photography. (And yes–that includes the “Victoria’s Secret” angel wings!)

For little ones, I’ve collected a ton of wraps, headbands, and outfits for newborns all the way up to nine-year-olds. Plus, you can explore my room that’s entirely devoted to newborn and baby props so we can fully customize your baby’s session.

best photography studios pennsylvania, photo collage of studio interiors
photoshoot props and outfits

Post-Session Ordering at the Studio

Once your photos are edited, we’ll set up a time for you to come back to the photography studio. During the ordering session, you’ll view your images and order your finished products. This is one of my favorite parts! We offer custom heirloom albums, folio boxes, canvases, metals, acrylics, and our popular custom framed wall art pieces. Check out all our products here! We have a large flat-screen TV for image viewing. You’ll be blown away by how polished and beautiful your finished photos are!

best photographers near me, collage of photo studio sets, product packages, frames, and canvases

Looking for professional boudoir, maternity, or newborn portraits in Doylestown, PA? I hope you’ll get in touch with me! I would love to welcome you to the studio and show you around in person!

Studio Maternity Photos | Bucks County, PA

Loved doing these studio maternity photos for this beautiful mother-to-be! This gorgeous lady decided she wanted to celebrate her first pregnancy with something extra special. Luckily for her, special is my specialty!

glamorous studio maternity photos, pregnant woman in white gown seated on floor beside bed
studio maternity portraits, woman wearing white maternity gown against gray backdrop

Glamorous Maternity Photos

This year has been an especially tough one for nearly everyone. This client said being pregnant in a time of social distancing, quarantine, and social injustice was really hard for her. Because she’s a social butterfly, not being able to connect and celebrate in-person was a challenge. But she also wasn’t about to let turbulent times disrupt something so precious as her journey to motherhood. She decided to treat herself to some unique and glamorous studio maternity photos. The perfect way to boost her excitement about her pregnancy!

studio maternity photo session, angel wings maternity outfit
glamour maternity photos studio pa, woman in gold maternity outfit leaning against wall

When she came across some of my work on Instagram she said she couldn’t believe it was real! The pictures were so beautiful. She got in touch with me immediately and we started planning the perfect studio maternity photography session for her.

The Studio Experience

This client commented later that even though she was impressed by the warm and welcoming consultation, she still wasn’t prepared for what was to come. She told me the experience blew her away. “The hair and makeup was led by an expert! The maternity gowns were runway style as the fabrics were chosen with specific attention to detail. Last but not least, Candy has an undeniable photographer’s eye, so I didn’t have to think about modeling or posing. The photos came out spectacular! I received so many compliments from my partner, friends, and family, and it truly boosted my excitement towards my crossover to motherhood.”

maternity boudoir photography pennsylvania, woman seated wearing maternity gown
studio maternity photos, woman in yellow maternity dress
professional maternity photography near me bucks county pa, woman in flowing yellow maternity gown

As a professional photographer, this is exactly the experience I strive to give all my clients. I believe you deserve to feel beautiful, and I am committed to giving you an amazing experience and delivering a stunning finished product. Contact me for a portrait photography experience that you will remember forever!

beautiful maternity photos, woman reclining in flowing maternity dress

Boudoir Photo Shoot | NJ/PA Photographer

I so enjoyed doing a boudoir photo shoot for this amazing client. I love bringing out people’s natural beauty and showing women how gorgeous and sexy they can be! Sometimes, especially with our culture’s emphasis on youth and slim trim figures, it can take a leap of courage to book a beauty session for yourself. You might ask yourself: Am I young enough? Thin enough? Pretty enough?

The answer to all of the above is a resounding yes! I believe that all women are beautiful and should be able to feel good about themselves, regardless of age or body shape. That’s one reason I was so proud of this client for believing enough in herself and her beauty to book a session.

Nude woman lying on bed
black and white photo of nude woman lying on bed
Pennsylvania boudoir photographer, nude woman sitting on bed holding sheet
boudoir portraits new jersey, woman in intimate apparel seated on floor
boudoir photo shoot for mature women, woman lying on bed wearing turquoise bra

She told me she’d thought about doing a boudoir photo shoot because she believed, like I do, that they can build up and empower women. But she never felt quite brave enough to take the plunge.

But all of that changed recently. She said, “I recently went through a divorce and lost a lot of weight. When I hit my goal size, I decided to book a session with Candy. Although I felt nowhere near perfect, I decided to book a date and just do it, although I was nervous the whole week leading up to it. When I got to the studio, I knew I made the right decision. Not only was Candy’s studio beautiful, but she and Nicole made me feel beautiful and at ease the whole time.”

boudoir photo shoot pa nj, nude silhouette
boudoir photo shoot, beauty photographer bucks county pa, naked woman sitting on studio floor
mature women beauty photography pennsylvania, seated woman wearing gown
boudoir portraits for older women new jersey and pennsylvania
boudoir photographer near me pa nj

Thinking About a Boudoir Photo Shoot?

If you’re thinking about it, you should absolutely do it! A couple of the common concerns clients bring up are age and body shape or weight. I believe true beauty is timeless. If you’re a mature woman, it simply means your beauty has stood the test of time, and I would love to show you how stunning you still are and always will be. And if you’re not sure about your body shape or weight–you will be when you get your finished photos! In my opinion, the best time to book a boudoir photo shoot is when you aren’t totally in love with your body–because a professional boudoir photographer can help you learn to love yourself again.

What are you waiting for? Contact me today to book your boudoir photography session and show yourself some love!

beauty photography for older women, woman seated in studio wearing white sheer dress
boudoir photo shoot and intimate photography for mature women bucks county pa photographer
boudoir photography, woman in sheer white gown standing by window
woman in red lace bodysuit
boudoir photo shoot, woman in red lace bodysuit leaning against wall
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Hi! I am Candy Hoehn and I would love to create beautiful photographs for you and your family to cherish for generations to come.


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