Outdoor Maternity Photography Session

It was wonderful to see this amazing mom for an outdoor maternity photography session! We had worked together before and I was so excited when I learned she was expecting again. She did two maternity sessions with me when she was pregnant with their first baby, and also ordered a year of photos for their son. I got to see and photograph him as a newborn and at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 1 year (for a cake smash.) If you missed those pictures, you’ll definitely want to check them out!

doylestown pa maternity photography, woman wearing maternity dress outdoors
maternity pictures, family sitting outdoors under trees
maternity photography outdoor session, pregnant mom with family standing next to tree

Early Morning Maternity Photography

One of this mom’s first two sessions was an outdoor maternity photography session at sunset. We were originally planning to do the same thing this time around, but as soon as we pulled into the park on the evening we’d scheduled, it started raining. And not just a drizzle we could wait out–it was pouring! It was a bit of a disappointment, but there’s only so much you can do about the weather. We decided to give it another try the next morning–and it worked! We got up nice and early to catch the best light, and our pictures couldn’t have turned out more beautifully.

woman in maternity gown and husband standing near water
Maternity photographer bucks county pa, mother in white maternity dress outdoors
family and maternity photographer, mom and dad kissing son

Maternity Pictures

One of my favorite parts of any session actually happens after the shoot, once I’ve finished the editing and am ready to present the client with their finished product. I love watching their faces as they see these wonderful memories captured in photographs. Bringing people that kind of joy is what being a portrait photographer is all about. All of these pictures are beautiful, but I think mom’s favorite was the one of her holding up her son and kissing him. She cried when she saw it.

outdoor maternity session pa, mother in maternity gown holding son up for kiss
morning maternity pictures, family group outside
family and maternity pictures, mom in yellow maternity dress with husband and son

It was such a wonderful experience to see this family again! I’m so excited for the arrival of their new little one!

family maternity photography pennsylvania, mom in maternity gown with family standing by river
maternity pictures doylestown, mom in maternity dress standing by stream
professional maternity pictures pa, family standing in wooded area
maternity photographs, mother in white maternity gown standing in sunshine
portrait photography, family seated in grass

“Victoria’s Secret” Angel Wings Maternity Photo Session

This gorgeous mother-to-be requested both an outdoor and in-studio maternity photo session–with “Victoria’s Secret” angel wings. She and her husband are getting ready to welcome a little one to their home and I’m so excited for them! I don’t think there’s anything more thrilling for a couple than to learn that you’re going to be parents!

“Victoria’s Secret” Angel Wings Boudoir Maternity Photos

For the in-studio portion of our maternity photo session we did some shots with my pink angel wings. Doesn’t she look beautiful? I love the texture and magical flair the wings add. We also did some intimate boudoir-style photographs of the couple together on the bed. What better time than a maternity session to capture a couple’s love for each other?

maternity photography doylestown pa, pregnant woman in pink intimate wear with "Victoria's Secret" angel wings

couples maternity photo session, husband and wife in black lying on white bed

boudoir maternity photography pennsylvania, pregnant woman in lace underclothing with "Victoria's Secret" angel wings

couples boudoir maternity photography, husband and wife in intimate apparel seated on edge of bed

maternity pictures near me bucks county pa, standing woman in flowing maternity gown with pink "Victoria's Secret" angel wings

Outdoor Maternity Photo Session

It was overcast when we did our outdoor pictures, but that didn’t stop us from getting lots of beautiful images. I love shooting by the water when I do outdoor maternity photo shoots, so we decided on a lakeside location for our session. Again, we were able to include both mom and dad, which I love! Dad got hands on by volunteering to be my train tosser! Well, he didn’t volunteer, I made him do it. LOL. But we had so much fun! The outtakes are hilarious.

SugaShoc Maternity Photography with “Victoria’s Secret” Angel Wings

I love capturing the glow and excitement that shines through during pregnancy. It is such an amazing time, and it deserves to be recorded with a professional photo session. I wish I had these types of pictures to look back on from my own pregnancies.

With SugaShoc Photography, you have a choice of studio or outdoor locations (or you can do both, as this mama did!) I have a beautiful selection of maternity gowns, wraps, and outfits available for you to use–including those gorgeous “Victoria’s Secret” angel wings! You can also add hair and makeup services to your package if you’d like to complete your look. I highly recommend this as I believe you should look and feel truly glamorous as we capture these unforgettable moments for you!

"victoria's secret" angel wings in maternity photos

Beauty Photography Session | Bucks County Photographer

Gorgeous Beauty Photography Session

I had the best time doing this beauty photography session for a truly amazing client! One of the things I love about my work is being able to show people just how gorgeous they really are. I think this is especially important for women. We have so many voices telling us we have to look a certain way to be beautiful, and that just isn’t true. Everyone has their own unique beauty, and showcasing that is what a beauty photography session is all about.

beauty photo session pennsylvania, woman in pink gown and tiarawoman in black lingerie with hands on hips wearing tiarawoman in black intimate wear with silver black wings

This client was inspired by Mary J. Blige. I love how we were able to use this American singer/songwriter’s style as a starting point, and still create a session with a unique style that belongs completely to the client. The outfits we put together were so fun!

beauty photography session bucks county pa, woman in jean skirt and open white blazer posing on bar stool

beauty photographer, woman wearing orange bodysuit and sitting on teal velvet chair

beauty photography session, woman in yellow dress against studio backdrop

beauty photography, woman in sheer red lace dress posing by window

SugaShoc Beauty Photography Sessions

Beauty sessions are all about you! Tell me exactly what look you are going for, and I will customize your session to make it happen. Together, we will discuss your vision, handpick your outfits, and create an unforgettable experience. My all-female team will get you glammed up with professional hair and makeup services so you can look and feel your best before you get in front of the camera.

I believe that beauty photography sessions are a way to invest in yourself. They are such a great way to help you feel confident and empowered. And that’s the way you should feel! If you’ve been looking for a way to boost your self-esteem, this is it! Feel free to scroll through some of my photos from past beauty sessions for inspiration. But ultimately, remember that it’s YOUR beauty we’re going to capture. Whatever your dream is, tell me about it so we can make it happen.

Please contact me if you’d like more information. I can’t wait to show you how beautiful you are through the lens of my camera!

beauty photos, woman in low-cut pink dress with sequinswoman sitting on stool wearing short denim skirt, gold sequin top, and off-the-shoulder white jacketwoman in orange bodysuit and black cowboy hat sitting on blue velvet chair against rustic backdropwoman leaning against white wall wearing thong and silver-black bootswoman in open-front white jacket with tiara and jewelry

Couples Boudoir Photo Session | Bucks County, PA

It was so much fun doing this couples boudoir photo session! My client initially booked a boudoir session for herself as a gift to her significant other but then he found out, so she asked him to join in! I do a lot of boudoir photography for ladies, but I love when I get to do couples boudoir too. It just adds a new dimension, and capturing the love and passion two people feel for each other is such a privilege. These two were so sexy! They loved each other, and they laughed A LOT! Through the laughter, you could definitely feel the love and passion they had for each other!

couples boudoir photography, back shot of nude woman straddling partner on bed

Fitness Couples Boudoir Photo Session

One of the things I love about boudoir photography is how it celebrates the beauty of the human body. This couple was very into fitness, and it was great to do a shoot that really brought that to the forefront. So many of us take our bodies for granted, dislike things about our body, or just don’t take care of ourselves the way we should. I firmly believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way, and part of my job as a photographer is to help people see that.

boudoir photography bucks county pa

boudoir photo shoot doylestown pa, woman in black thong kneeling on blue velvet chair

Interested in Couples Boudoir Photography?

Couples boudoir photography brings that appreciation of the human body to a whole new level. Capturing the physical intimacy between couples is one of my specialties. Whether you’re looking for a romantic or all-out seductive, there’s no better way to add some spice to your relationship and create amazing memories together than with a couples boudoir photo shoot!

woman in intimate apparel standing against wall with upraised armsboudoir photography, woman in black intimate apparel lying on wooden floor


Feel free to scroll through photos of my past boudoir sessions for inspiration. There are so many sexy poses we can play around with! Let me know the type of mood and look you’re going for, and we can totally make it happen. The studio’s professional hair and makeup team will help you look and feel your best on the day of your shoot. Together with my boudoir prep guide, and my gorgeous closet full of intimate apparel for client use, your day will be magical!

Please contact me with any questions. I would be thrilled if you chose SugaShoc Photography for your couples boudoir photo session!




Baby Photography – Older “Newborn”| Doylestown PA Photographer

Just because a baby is older doesn’t mean we can’t still do a newborn photography session with them. This adorable baby girl was almost three months old at the time of this session! Mom still wanted a newborn feel to the pictures, so I used a lot of the same poses and props that are popular for my littlest clients.

swaddled infant on purple fur throw with floral headbandmom, big brother, and newborn sister sitting on couch

baby girl in white swaddle lying in wooden bed

Scheduling Your Baby Photography Session

Babies tend to get less flexible as they get older (we can all relate, right?) which is one reason newborn photographers like myself encourage parents to schedule early. That way, we can get baby in when he or she is between seven and fourteen days old–still very sleepy and ultra-flexible for posing. That being said, I know life can get crazy–especially when you’re expecting a little one. If you’ve left it a little late for booking your newborn photos, please don’t hesitate to contact me anyway! If I have an opening, I’m happy to work with you to create an amazing photo experience!

swaddled baby girl with headband in wooden box against rustic background

close-up of baby's face with fingers tucked under chinnewborn in a wooden antique bucket with pink throwcloseup of baby girl sleeping in wooden bucket wearing pink headband

Hello, Bright Eyes!

I got this little girl to sleep for most of our time together. Not always easy with older babies, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve! Since she was older, she was wakeful for part of our session, but that’s okay too. It gave me a chance to capture those gorgeous baby eyes! Plus, she was very interactive and gave me the cutest expressions.

older baby photography, wakeful newborn in pink and pearl swaddle with bear hatsmiling baby in pale pink

baby photographer near me pennsylvania, wakeful baby covered with sheer pink blanket lined with pearlssmiley baby girl wrapped in swaddle with bear cap

smiling baby girl

Doylestown, PA Baby Photographer

As a photographer, I want to help you record your family’s memories–at any and every age! I will work with you to bring your vision to life. No matter how old your baby is, we can create gorgeous images for you to treasure forever. Contact me to learn more about my services for babies, mothers, and families. I look forward to working with you!

baby in white wrap lying in wooden bed with cream blankets and fur throw

Welcome Home

Hi! I am Candy Hoehn and I would love to create beautiful photographs for you and your family to cherish for generations to come.


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