Boudoir and Self Love in PA

Everyone deserves to feel loved, be loved, and to love themselves. As a photographer, it’s my job to capture life’s most unforgettable moments, and some of the most amazing moments happen during a boudoir shoot.

Black and white artistic boudoir photoshoot.

Why Do Boudoir?

A lot of people don’t understand why someone would want to do boudoir and put themselves in those outfits and positions in front of someone they don’t really know. Boudoir isn’t just about sexy photographs or suggestive poses. It’s about feeling confident in the skin you’re in. It’s about exploring a side of yourself you may not even know existed. Whether the photos are for your partner or just yourself, it’s hard to put into words the incredible feeling of physically seeing someone learn to love themselves.

Indoor artistic and erotic photoshoot.
Boudoir photoshoot for wedding present.
Boudoir photoshoot for wedding present.
Nude in studio boudoir photoshoot.

We live in a society with ever fluctuating body and beauty standards. It’s hard to appreciate the skin we find ourselves in. I’m going to let you in on a secret. There is no perfect body! I have seen more shapes and sizes than most people ever will in my 10 years of shooting boudoir and not once have I thought one body was better than the other. In my eyes, I can find beauty in every BODY!

Boudoir photoshoots can be a little uncomfortable at first, but once we get those first few photos taken, it’s a whole new world. I show every client the back of my camera almost every position to put their mind at ease and usually, after seeing what I see, they are ecstatic. Most of them say: “That can’t be me!!!” Between the full hair and makeup, wardrobe full of outfit choices, it becomes a truly remarkable experience. 

Being Comfortable & Confident

You don’t have to wear skimpy lingerie or show off every part of your body. You wear what you want to wear. From sharp blazers, full length nightgowns, or sports jerseys, I have seen and loved it all. This is all about you and making sure you are comfortable, and having fun!

Boudoir photoshoot in veil for wedding present.

Trust me when I say I understand what you’re going through. I have done my own boudoir shoot and I know it can be difficult, at first. When I was done and on my way out the door, I felt like a brand new person. I felt like I could take on the world, and you know what, I kind of did. From that day on, I have been more successful and more determined than ever to achieve my version of personal and professional success.

Whether it’s next week, next month, or next year, I am ready to talk about your dream boudoir experience. Take a look at my blog, portfolio, Instagram or Pinterest and reach out when you are ready!

Boudoir Birthday

Boudoir photoshoots are always incredible. They just are. It doesn’t matter the reason for the shoot, the outfits being worn, the age, with any client; they are all remarkable. The woman in these photos is no exception. 

Boudoir Birthday Gift

These photos were taken because it was her birthday and this was her gift to herself. She wanted to look as empowered and strong as she felt. She was one of the most confident people I have ever met. Revealing she has always felt less confident on the outside versus the inside, and she wanted to change that. Knowing that all my boudoir sessions come with full hair and makeup, not to mention an extensive guide on how to prepare, she was all too excited to come in.

In studio classic beautiful black woman boudoir in black lingerie.
In studio classic beautiful black woman boudoir in black lingerie.
Partial nudity In studio classic beautiful black woman boudoir.

Everyone deserves to be celebrated and loved, not only by others, but by themselves as well. Part of my job involves seeing people at their most vulnerable and not just easing their fears, but to embrace them as well. We will work through all your worries together. By the time your session ends, you will be encouraging everyone you know to book a boudoir session for themselves!

Implied nudity In studio classic beautiful black woman boudoir.
Unique boudoir image with high heels and pearls.
In studio classic beautiful black woman boudoir on bed.
Implied nudity In studio classic beautiful black woman boudoir.
In studio, on couch, black woman boudoir.

If you are worried about flattering colors or backgrounds, you don’t need to be. My studio has so many different rooms, accent pieces, and lighting options, we will pose you exactly where you need to be. With a full wardrobe of everything imaginable, I know we will find something to highlight those gorgeous curves of yours!

Comfort and Style

You don’t have to be in lingerie. You can wear sports jerseys, blazers, or your partner’s clothes. There are so many options to make you feel comfortable and beautiful.

In studio, on bed, black woman boudoir.
Philadelphia Eagles jersey boudoir photoshoot.
In studio, on bed, black woman boudoir.

I am ready when you are. Reach out with any questions, browse my blog and portfolio for inspiration, and when you’re ready, let’s get you in front of the camera!

Cake Smash Photoshoot in PA

It’s been a while since I posted a cake smash, but this is one I couldn’t pass up sharing.

Floral milestone cake smash photoshoot with baby girl
Floral milestone cake smash photoshoot with baby girl eating cake

A Classic Cake Smash Photoshoot

When I first spoke to this little girl’s mom, she told me she was looking for something bright, simple, and of course, a little girly. I’ve had clients use a handful of colors, but there is something about limiting the colors that make the whole thing stand out a little more.

Family floral milestone cake smash photoshoot with baby girl
mom and daughter floral milestone cake smash photoshoot with baby girl

When you put a cake in front of a baby, there’s no guarantee what will happen. Will they go all in and make a mess or will they just gently examine it? This adorable little girl, when she saw her pink flower cake, was just so excited! She wasn’t sure what to do. Was it for her? Could she have some? It took a little coaxing, but she eventually enjoyed a little cake.

Baby Bath Time

I have yet to meet a baby who doesn’t like to splash around in the tub. Just like with her cake, this little girl was so gentle and cautious. She gave a few small splashes and smiled the entire time.

Bath time floral milestone cake smash photoshoot with baby girl

I know Cake Smash sessions can seem overwhelming, but that is why I’m here. Give me a call, tell me what you’re thinking, and we will plan your perfect Cake Smash photoshoot. I promise you I have heard every concern, answered every question, and encountered every possible scenario.

Planning Your Cake Smash Photoshoot

On the day of your session, make sure you come with plenty of food or snacks, an extra outfit, and try and make sure your little one has had plenty of rest. While we can never know everything the session will bring, we can be as prepared as possible.

floral milestone cake smash photoshoot with baby girl

Whether you have questions or are ready to book your Cake Smash photoshoot, reach out and let’s get going! Looking for some inspiration? Check out my Instagram and blog!

Modeling Portfolios in PA

I’ve talked a lot about branding and headshots recently, but now I want to focus on modeling and portfolios. Just like a job candidate sending in their resume, a model sends in their portfolio. It shows your range, experience, and that you have what the company is looking for.

When we take pictures for your portfolio, we will do multiple outfits, various poses and backdrops, and try to get as many options as possible. Whether you are a fitness model trying to update your resume or are trying to build your resume, a professional and creative portfolio is a must.

in studio modeling portfolio dramatic boudoir and lingerie
in studio modeling portfolio dramatic boudoir and lingerie

Read on for my suggestions on how to have a successful portfolio shoot.

What should I wear?

Remember, simple and basic. You want to avoid too many prints and patterns. They will only take attention away from you. Make sure your clothing fits properly and is flattering to your body type.

If you’re not sure what to wear, I recommend doing some research and seeing what others in the same industry are wearing. Keep in mind that you are selling yourself, not the clothes. We will also have a consultation call to discuss the looks you want to achieve and I can then guide you with regards to bringing different clothing choices.

What kinds of photos do I need in a portfolio?

Your portfolio needs to include a variety of full length, headshots, and everything in between. Depending on the type of work you’re looking for, you’ll want to show yourself as that person; business, medical, lingerie, fitness, etc. 

Don’t forget to show expressions as well!

Hair and Makeup

No look would be complete without a full hair and makeup. We will make sure your look compliments your outfit, style, and overall theme. Depending on your work, we might take some makeup free photos as well to show more variety in your looks and capabilities.

Keeping Your Portfolio Updated

Jobs change, needs change, and you change. Make sure to keep your portfolio updated with current images, new looks/outfits, and any special skills you might have. Whether you do this monthly, bi-monthly or a few times a year, it would be best to have a set schedule to make sure your portfolio is always ready to go.

Whatever the reason, modeling, acting, or spokesperson, let’s work together to make your portfolio as amazing as you are. Let’s chat and get going! Looking for some inspiration? Check out my Instagram and Pinterest!

The Santa Experience in PA

Christmas in July? With Christmas just a handful of months away, I decided to announce my favorite event of the year, The Santa Experience. The holidays are hectic enough without having to take your yearly Santa photos at the last minute. Reserve your spot now and get those holiday cards and memories made early!

Family Photos

This year, we will have 3 brand new setups that are more neutral for updated family portraits. We know now is the time when most families want a quick updated family shot so that is why we offer more neutral setups so they can be hung up all year round!

We will be doing Family pictures first, so Parents, please come dressed for Family photos. I will have 3 neutral backdrops for you to choose from for Family photos but the new Holiday backdrops will also be available to you for Family photos as well!

After Family photos, come and have snowball fights with your Parents or your siblings in our Winter Wonderland snowy room and have the time of your life!​ After some rowdy fun, we will have the kids meet Santa and then the Christmas Magic will truly begin!

Consultation calls to discuss clothing options are included with both types of sessions!

Opening Presents Magic Special Effect with Santa Holiday Sessions SugaShoc Photography

What to expect from Santa

We are also excited to be adding some fun new Santa magic to the photos upon request. With over five backgrounds to choose from. From the classic Holiday Fireplace Room to a pallet wall covered in greenery, and my new neutral couch setup, you and your kids will feel right at home.

Magic Special Effect with Santa Holiday Sessions SugaShoc Photography
Winter Snow Holiday Sessions with SugaShoc Photography
Winter Snow Holiday Sessions with SugaShoc Photography

Meet Santa Fred

Santa Fred will be joining us again this year and he is one of the best there is. He’s wonderful with kids of all ages and works hard to create some real Christmas magic for them. I will be offering a few different types of Santa Experiences to make sure there is something for everyone.

Each Santa Experience session with Santa Fred will include:

  • Read The Night Before Christmas with Santa
  • Tell Santa everything that’s on your list
  • Look in Santa’s MAGIC sack for surprises
  • Open presents with Santa
  • Talk about his Reindeer and shake their Reindeer Bells
  • Eat cookies and treats made by Mrs Claus herself
Reading with Santa Magic Special Effect with Santa Holiday Sessions SugaShoc Photography

Your Own Santa Experience

I simply love Christmas time! For each Santa Experience photograph I take, I just get more excited for the next year when I can do them again. With families that return year after year, it has been so fun to watch their kids grow and enjoy all that Christmas has to offer.

Times being what they are, I want to assure everyone that we are taking all possible safety precautions possible. With hand sanitizers, masks, and making sure the areas are kept clean, we want you and your family to enjoy your session. And yes, Santa Fred is fully vaccinated and ready to meet your adorable littles.

Holiday Sessions without Santa

I will also be offering the same backdrops for families wanting to do simple Holiday Sessions without Santa! Please contact me to inquire about all the different options!

Believe me when I say all these sessions will sell out fast. Spots are limited and will sell out! Come celebrate the Magic of Christmas with us!

Contact me now to reserve your spot. I cannot wait to help you make some memories!

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