The Santa Experience in PA

Christmas in July? With Christmas just a handful of months away, I decided to announce my favorite event of the year, The Santa Experience. The holidays are hectic enough without having to take your yearly Santa photos at the last minute. Reserve your spot now and get those holiday cards and memories made early!

Family Photos

This year, we will have 3 brand new setups that are more neutral for updated family portraits. We know now is the time when most families want a quick updated family shot so that is why we offer more neutral setups so they can be hung up all year round!

We will be doing Family pictures first, so Parents, please come dressed for Family photos. I will have 3 neutral backdrops for you to choose from for Family photos but the new Holiday backdrops will also be available to you for Family photos as well!

After Family photos, come and have snowball fights with your Parents or your siblings in our Winter Wonderland snowy room and have the time of your life!​ After some rowdy fun, we will have the kids meet Santa and then the Christmas Magic will truly begin!

Consultation calls to discuss clothing options are included with both types of sessions!

Opening Presents Magic Special Effect with Santa Holiday Sessions SugaShoc Photography

What to expect from Santa

We are also excited to be adding some fun new Santa magic to the photos upon request. With over five backgrounds to choose from. From the classic Holiday Fireplace Room to a pallet wall covered in greenery, and my new neutral couch setup, you and your kids will feel right at home.

Magic Special Effect with Santa Holiday Sessions SugaShoc Photography
Winter Snow Holiday Sessions with SugaShoc Photography
Winter Snow Holiday Sessions with SugaShoc Photography

Meet Santa Fred

Santa Fred will be joining us again this year and he is one of the best there is. He’s wonderful with kids of all ages and works hard to create some real Christmas magic for them. I will be offering a few different types of Santa Experiences to make sure there is something for everyone.

Each Santa Experience session with Santa Fred will include:

  • Read The Night Before Christmas with Santa
  • Tell Santa everything that’s on your list
  • Look in Santa’s MAGIC sack for surprises
  • Open presents with Santa
  • Talk about his Reindeer and shake their Reindeer Bells
  • Eat cookies and treats made by Mrs Claus herself
Reading with Santa Magic Special Effect with Santa Holiday Sessions SugaShoc Photography

Your Own Santa Experience

I simply love Christmas time! For each Santa Experience photograph I take, I just get more excited for the next year when I can do them again. With families that return year after year, it has been so fun to watch their kids grow and enjoy all that Christmas has to offer.

Times being what they are, I want to assure everyone that we are taking all possible safety precautions possible. With hand sanitizers, masks, and making sure the areas are kept clean, we want you and your family to enjoy your session. And yes, Santa Fred is fully vaccinated and ready to meet your adorable littles.

Holiday Sessions without Santa

I will also be offering the same backdrops for families wanting to do simple Holiday Sessions without Santa! Please contact me to inquire about all the different options!

Believe me when I say all these sessions will sell out fast. Spots are limited and will sell out! Come celebrate the Magic of Christmas with us!

Contact me now to reserve your spot. I cannot wait to help you make some memories!

Headshots and Branding in PA

Do you need professional headshots? Yes, yes, yes. The answer is always yes. Whether you are a real estate agent, a doctor, are on the job hunt, an author, or just a working professional growing their network, a headshot is key to making a good impression.

Why You Need Headshots

Here are 6 reasons why you should schedule a professional headshot photoshoot.

  1. Personality. A photograph gives people a sense of your personality before actually meeting you. Think about what you’re trying to portray. Obviously a comedian is going to have a different headshot than an attorney or CEO would. You want your headshot to show who you are, and what you do.
  2. Networking. How many times have you thought to yourself, “I can finally put a name to the face.” You can be well known by name or picture, but when you put your name to your great headshot, you will be unforgettable.
  3. Current appearance. We’ve all heard stories about people using photos from 10 years ago. What you look like now should be what you use as your photograph. Show off who you are now! Everyone wants to see you!
  4. Confidence. A good headshot will help you feel confident and professional out in the world.
  5. Branding. It’s important that you, your product, or your company have a cohesive look and feel. That is why wardrobe is so important to create the look and feel that you are trying to go for. Each session that you book with me, comes with a consultation session where we will talk about your vision, and plan your outfits & looks! It all matters when potential or current client and coworkers are looking for partnerships.
  6. Stand out. A quality headshot will help you stand out amongst all the professionals out there. Regardless of your field, putting your face out there for everyone to see, gives you a leg up and makes you more memorable.

Your Headshot

Not sure what kind of headshot you need? Let’s talk. We’ll discuss everything from your career, what kind of energy you want to portray, and above all else, what makes you comfortable. We want these headshots to show you and your personality. We want people to look at them and not be able to forget them, or you.

With all the various backgrounds and props I have in my studio, I am confident you will have the headshot photoshoot you’ve been looking for.

Let’s talk and get your photoshoot scheduled!

Boudoir for Every Body in PA

I’ve said it before and I will never stop saying it; boudoir is for every body! Boudoir isn’t just about taking intimate pictures. It’s about empowerment, beauty, and celebrating. We are celebrating you, your body, and your strength. It is a deeply powerful experience that I cannot recommend enough. Believe me when I say your nerves and self-consciousness will disappear once we start the session. Boudoir is about recognizing and capturing the incredible person you are.

Boudoir is Personal

Whether you are taking these pictures as a gift for your partner or just to get out of your comfort zone, I are here to help you. From full hair and makeup, to accessories and wardrobe options, I am your biggest cheerleader. I know it can be scary, but I guarantee you that soon after we start, you feel comfortable and confident. I am not doing my job if you don’t leave the session feeling strong, sexy, and confident. From beginning to end, I am here for you. I tell you exactly where to put your hands and feet, I tell you exactly where to look, AND, how to look at the camera. There is no guesswork involved when you book a session with me!

In studio boudoir for plus size woman

The woman featured in this post is the perfect example of someone who came in nervous, but left feeling excited and empowered. This is her testimonial:

“I decided to do this session to celebrate my relationship with my fiancé, as well as celebrate my relationship with myself. To my own surprise, before the session, I felt very nervous. I had never done something like this before. I’m not just talking about posing in front of a camera. I mean showing my body in general. I have been overweight my entire life and although I always had some confidence, I was just never the girl to put myself out there.

But since being with my fiancé, that confidence has tripled. I figured life is too short to hide from things that you might be afraid of. As the session unfolded I was glad I stepped out of my comfort zone. Candy & Nicole were a big help in making me feel not only beautiful, but also empowered. I stepped into the studio a person with *zero* experience or knowledge of a boudoir photoshoot, so nervous I didn’t want to put on the lingerie!

However, Candy & Nicole were cheering me on every step of the way, and as the session went on, I kept getting more and more confident as she showed me the back of her camera. I couldn’t believe that was ME! I left the studio feeling confident in myself, happy I decided to take this chance, and excited to receive my photo album to give to my significant other! These photos and this experience is the greatest gift I could give to him, but more importantly to myself.”

My Own Boudoir Experience

Having done my own boudoir photoshoot, I know just how my clients feel. Even though I had taken countless boudoir photographs, I didn’t know how to be on the other side. I was lucky enough to have a photographer who guided and encouraged me. That’s what I will do for you. I will be right by your side, cheering you on, helping you pose, and giving you the experience of a lifetime.

In studio boudoir for plus size woman wearing lingerie.

You are welcome to browse my website, Instagram, blog, and Pinterest for ideas and inspiration. When you’re ready to book or have any questions, just reach out and we will work through it all together. I promise you will have the boudoir shoot of your dreams!

Headshot & Beauty Shoots in PA

Whether you are a business owner that needs new marketing photos, or a model looking to grow your portfolio, headshots & beauty shoots fill many needs. A beauty photoshoot can be whatever you want it to be. We can incorporate educational achievements, business materials, or even just your favorite jacket. Whatever the need, a beauty photoshoot is just what you’ve been wanting.

Most people don’t know what a headshot or beauty photoshoot is. When someone asks what it is, I always answer with a, “What do you want it to be?” The shoot is all about elevating you and celebrating the reason you’re taking the photos in the first place. The session doesn’t have to be a significant event. It can just be about you wanting to feel and look as amazing as everyone knows you are.

After doing these sessions for the past 10 years, and from the many questions I’ve been asked by clients, I’ve put together a list of things you might need to remember before, during, and after your shoot.

Prepping For Your Headshot & Beauty Shoots

Before our consultation call, it is extremely helpful for you to have images that you are drawn to. You are welcome to go through my website, blog, Instagram, and Pinterest to gather your ideas. And please, don’t just stick to my work. Pinterest is such an incredible source for image inspiration and ideas. 

What to Bring With You

First and foremost, a robe and some slippers or flip flops. When you first arrive, I will ask you to change into these items to help get rid of any lines or marks left by your clothes and/or socks.

As far as what clothing to bring, keep in mind what kind of look you’re going for. If you’re unsure, let me know and I’ll talk you through it. A few tried and true suggestions would be a favorite pair of jeans, a jacket, skirts, or a suit.

I do recommend avoiding pieces with a shiny or satin finish. The camera doesn’t always love those looks. As much as I love a good neutral color, don’t be afraid to incorporate what you like. Jewel tones always look good, but whatever you do bring, try to make sure they compliment you and your skin tone.

Because your outfits will vary in fit and material, nude seamless and strapless bras and underwear are always best. Also, if you will be wearing one of my studio pieces, the nude seamless and strapless bra and underwear are required.

Hair and Makeup

Since each session comes with full hair and makeup, please come with a makeup free face and freshly washed hair. Moisturizer is ok as long as it doesn’t contain any SPF. For your hair, we ask that you have washed and dried the day before your session.

Professional, sexy and fun beauty shots in a studio in PA
Professional, sexy and fun beauty shots in a studio in PA

Nails, Waxing/Shaving, & Tanning

To help your photoshoot be even more incredible, I highly recommend having your fingernails and toenails manicured in either a french tip style or with a classic color. If you do choose a color, try to stay with the nudes, pinks, and reds.

If you are shaving or waxing, please do it at least 24-48 hours before your session to avoid any redness or skin irritations.

I do not recommend a spray since most spray tans leave you with an orange tint. I cannot photoshop away orange skin. If you are looking for a spray tan, contact Bella Sorrel and they will let you know the best time to get it done before your shoot.

At the end of the day, a beauty shoot is all about what you and what message you are trying to convey. Did you graduate college? Need some new social media content? Starting a new business? Whatever the reason, I would be honored to take your photos. You are welcome to browse my website, Instagram, blog, and Pinterest for ideas and inspiration. When you’re ready to book or have any questions, just reach out and we will work through it all together. I promise you will have the headshot & beauty shoot of your dreams!

Family Photoshoots in PA

Family photoshoots are ones I don’t do too often. I photograph families during maternity and newborn sessions but I love it when my past clients come back for updated family portraits. Whenever a new season starts, I find myself going through the sessions from the previous seasons. When I came across these fall family photoshoots, I knew I had to share them with you. Both sessions were at one of my all time favorite locations and we were lucky enough to have the amazing fall colored trees surrounding us both times.

Family Photoshoots in Action

It doesn’t matter if you have one child, or 6 children, I will always recommend some fun action shots. I love those genuine facial expressions and I want to capture your family at play. I love those posed shots and try to get those out of the way first, but it’s only in those fun and smile-filled moments, I get to capture the real laughs and the real ‘you’.

Outdoor fall child photoshoot in PA.

Family Photoshoots With Everyone

Of course at a family photoshoot, we will take more than enough pictures of everyone together, but I also suggest taking pictures separately with the kids and parents. The bond between a parent and their child is unique to everyone and I love to capture it. Not only that, but getting pictures of your kids on their own or together is something you will always look back on and cherish.

Outdoor fall family photoshoot in PA.

Pictures of Mom and Dad

Your family started with the two of you and just like it’s important to capture your family growing up, it’s just as important to capture the two of you. Your love is what builds, sustains, and keeps your family strong. Don’t forget to take a few minutes to celebrate your relationship.

Outdoor fall family and couples photoshoot in PA.

Family Photoshoot Do’s and Don’ts

  • Don’t be too matchy/matchy
  • Do pick complementary colors
  • Don’t wear something uncomfortable
  • Do think about your shoes
  • Don’t go crazy with patterns
  • Don’t stress too much and have fun

If you aren’t sure what to wear and need some input on what you’ve already picked out, don’t worry! We will go over everything during your consultation call. Along the way, while you are shopping, send me pictures and I’ll help you figure it out as we go. I want these pictures just as perfect as you do and will help in any way I can!

I would love to capture some special memories for you and your family. Feel free to browse my website and blog inspiration. Reach out with any questions and we will get you scheduled!

Welcome Home

Hi! I am Candy Hoehn and I would love to create beautiful photographs for you and your family to cherish for generations to come.


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