Love reconnected – Bucks County Photographer

Love reconnected – Bucks County Photographer

Being a Bucks County Photographer, I love getting to know all my clients. Specifically the stories that bring them to me.  Stories of pregnancy and new life, their growing families, holiday celebrations and of course stories of love.

My latest client told me the sweetest love story, one of love reconnected.  It’s a story I’m sure most married couples can relate to.  She met her husband  while she was in college.  After their first date, they were inseparable.  However, a wedding and then two beautiful babies later, and they hit a rough spot. The focus was on the kids, and their relationship was sent to the back burner.  Luckily for them they realized this error and made changes to correct it.  They started a weekly date night, began taking ballroom dance lessons and had a reconnection of love for one another. So many times it’s easy to put everyone and everything else first.  Boudoir photos allow you to put your femininity at the forefront and concentrate on yourself. That inevitably  turns into a beautiful gift that your partner will adore.

Love of the game

She loves her husband and her husband loves the Eagles. Therefore putting those two loves together was a no brainer. As a Bucks County Photographer, love of sports teams in something I see I a lot of in both my boudoir clients and some newborn clients as well.  So I know that while men love lingerie often times these simpler, more natural looks can get their motor running by combing all the things they love.

Love Reconnected Bucks County Boudoir Photographer - woman in jeans and eagles t-shit with neutral background behind

Just being together

I’ve been a photographer in Bucks County for over 6 years and it’s my goal to try  and capture the small moments in pictures.  In these next photos, I believe I achieved that. They remind me that taking a few moments on the weekend to just lie in bed together or catch up over a cup of coffee can be the catalyst for intimacy and for a reconnection of love.

As with most of my clients, the first few shots can feel awkward. Taking boudoir photos is not the type of thing they do everyday.  So setting her in up in these comfortable ways enabled me to ease her into bringing forth her sensuality. Posing is my speciality, so if you are considering booking a session but are feeling scared, keep in mind that I will make sure you feel at ease and I will take care of everything.

Love Reconnected Bucks County Boudoir Photographer - Woman laying on bed with white sheet overlay


Love Reconnected Bucks County Boudoir Photographer - woman laying n bed with neutral colors in boudoir pose


Getting Kinky

While the simple natural looks are great for creating loving intimacy, there is still a time and place to spice things up and get a little kinky!  That is where the lingerie comes into play.  Once my clients have stepped out of their comfort zone and really slipped into their sensual side, it gets really fun. We start to play with these more glammed up, sexed up looks. This client was no exception.  Once she found the wild girl inside, she let it shine through and these are looks her husband is sure to love. To see more of my work and glammed up beauties click here to check out my facebook page or make an appointment  here to come see me and my studio located in Bucks County.

Love Reconnected Bucks County Boudoir Photographer - woman in boudoir pose, sitting on stool in front of neutral background in black 1 piece lingerie


A beautiful gift

She did this photo shoot for her birthday. It was a way to prove to herself that she’s still got it (which she does). She was able to take the leap and do something out of character.  The photos ended up turning into a beautiful gift for her husband.  A gift he never expected but was overjoyed, (and hot and bothered) to receive.

Love Reconnected Bucks County Boudoir Photographer - woman in bedroom setting in pink lingerie with white wrap in standing boudoir poseLove Reconnected Bucks County Boudoir Photographer - woman in bedroom setting with jeans slipping down

Love Reconnected Bucks County Boudoir Photographer - woman in front of neutral background, in black lace 2 piece lingerie set, i fun boudoir pose

These beautiful sexy photos, helped her bring forth her inner sensuality. They had her stepping out of her comfort zone and into a blazing fire of passion  They are a sexy, memento  of love reconnected. If you are interested in making something just as wonderful for your someone special click here to get booking information for SugaShoc Photography located in Bucks County, PA.

13 Reasons Why Boudoir is Right for Every Woman – Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography

Are you a woman? If the answer is yes, then a boudoir photography is right for you! Not convinced? Feeling anxious? Not sure what it’s all about? No worries we have all the answers you are looking for right here! Let’s start with the reasons you should go for it.

1. Wedding Present

There is so much to do when you’re getting married! So many details…. and your hubby to be is taking all the craziness in stride because he loves you and he can’t wait to make you his forever.  Don’t let your gift to the one you love the most be a fail. Get him something that he can cherish forever. We know men are visual and therefore, he certainly would not be able to keep his eyes off of boudoir style photos of his bride to be. As a Boudoir Photographer, I have a passion for making Women’s inner sensuality shine through. For more info check out my website here. Or, contact me to find out more!

2. Anniversary Present

Missed your chance at a wedding gift because you’re already married?  No worries! Give your special someone a gift to remember with a boudoir photo album, highlighting all things he loves and cherishes about your body. Remember you’re married, not dead, so live a little.  I guarantee it will spike the romance factor of any marriage. I know from  years experience taking boudoir photographs of woman of all shapes and sizes.  Check out my blog about this amazing anniversary boudoir photo session.

Doylestown Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography on bed wearing gray lace top with hand on breast


3. Something Special for just yourself.

Maybe you’ve had a rough month or even a rough year, and you need a little pick me up. Perhaps you had a point where you didn’t quite feel right in your own skin. Well then now, more than ever, is the time to step out of your comfort zone and do something for yourself that will bring your “Sexy Back”. SugaShoc  Boudoir Photography Studio is here to help you with that.  Check out my Instagram Page to see more.

Nothing will boost your spirits more than seeing yourself looking gorgeous and sensual. The team at SugaShoc Photography will make sure you will look and feel your best in all your photos.  And there is no time like the present to make it happen.  Click here to get more information on how to book your boudoir session.

4. Goals!!!

Have you recently hit your workout goal or maybe a work goal or life goal. Celebrate by immortalizing yourself, looking and feeling your finest.

The first thing we will go over is making sure that your session is customized to your specific personality.  We will go over specifics as you get glammed-up. Then I can make sure that your individuality and sensuality shine through.  Check out some of my prior work here.

Sugashoc Photography Fiance Boudoir cloe up shot of laying on bed in white lace bra and panty in black-and-white

5. Spicing things up.

Relationships will always have their ups and downs, but whatever phase you are in, a little spice can’t hurt.  Be ready! Boudoir photo shoots often end up with a climactic result ; )

Anniversary Boudoir Sugashoc Photography sitting on wooden box wearing red lace top

6. Happy Birthday to you

Age is just a number, however, you aren’t getting any younger. So capture your sexiness now and …

to an amazing gift that will last a lifetime. Relax, as the hair and makeup artist beautifies you to picture perfect, sexiness.  And then enjoy feeling like your most feminine self as I pose you (sexy poses and making each client feel at ease are my specialties).   When all is said and done, you will have steamy boudoir photos of yourself to keep and enjoy as the next birthdays come around. Contact me here!

7. The Come Back Kid

Maybe you are recovering from heartbreak or bouncing back after a health scare.  Whatever you have conquered or are conquering… you deserve to live your best life and show off all of your … assets.  Put the past behind you and step into an empowered new you.

8. You’re having a baby / You’ve had a baby

Boudoir photography celebrates all body types, especially those that embrace feminine glory.  And what is more sensual and feminine than having a baby?

The answer … nothing, except being a MILF.  A woman’s motherly body is something to be worshipped. Capture your true beauty.

Doylestown Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography black lace bodysuit

To see some of my other maternity boudoir work just click here.

9. Valentine’s Day

Your honey will be fine with the traditional Valentine’s dinner and chocolates but they will know you’re FINE if you give them the gift of a beautiful boudoir album to enjoy forever.  In addition, he’ll appreciate the time and attention you gave to such a thoughtful gift. And with such an amazing gift, he will have to give you some sexy favors in return!!!!

10. Military Men and Women deserve something.

Sometimes our other half is far away. We all know missing each other on long stretches apart is more than tough, it’s exhausting and heart breaking.  Therefore, I can’t think of a better thing for a soldier to take with them for the lonely nights of deployment, than sexy boudoir photos of the one they love, to help get them through.  If they are already deployed, this is the perfect gift to send overseas or save as a welcome home gift.

11. Celebrate your curves.

Boudoir photography does not discriminate.  It celebrates all body types, putting the things you love about yourself on full display. A woman’s confidence is at the forefront of every boudoir photo I take and we all know that there is nothing sexier than confidence.

12. Celebrate your love for each other.

Couples boudoir is rising in popularity (and is sure to get other things rising as well). It is a sensual way to capture your love for one another and get the temperature rising when you see yourselves immortalized in sexy poses. Over the years I’ve had the opportunity capture the tender moments of Boudoir couples.  You can check out some of my work on my Facebook Page.

13. Just because

Who really needs a reason?  Boudoir photos are amazing and beautiful, and celebrate everything that is wonderful about being you. In conclusion, there are bunch of reasons to step out of your comfort zone and do something sexy and amazing.  What are you waiting for?  If you are thinking about Boudoir Photography for any reason and live in or around Philadelphia, visit the SugaShoc Photography website to see more of my work and to find out how to book your boudoir session.

Some of my Recent Work

Wedding Anniversary Boudoir – Philly Boudoir Photographer | Bucks County Photographer

The silver 25th anniversary is an amazing milestone wedding anniversary. As a Philly Boudoir Photographer, I think spending a quarter of a century in love with one person needs a special gift – an album filled with sexy boudoir photos. Contact me today to discuss a session for you!

Here’s a sneak peek at my latest Wedding Anniversary Boudoir Session.

Wedding Anniversary Boudoir Session – Philly Boudoir Photographer

My most recent client wanted something sexy as a gift for her 25th Wedding Anniversary.  I was so pleased that she chose SugaShoc Photography as her Philly Boudoir Photographer! She came in for her session, and my all female Hair & Make-up team got to work making her look and feel beautiful. While they were glamming her up, I went through the clothing items my client brought, and together with some pieces from the boudoir client closet, I started to plan her session.

50 Shades of Gray

Philly Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography laying on bed on stomach with sheet draped exposing booty black-and-white


My client had a beautiful body and I couldn’t believe that this stunning woman had just celebrated her 50th birthday. Since she was very comfortable with her body, I decided to do some partial nudes in my bedroom studio.  She looked gorgeous just draped in a bed sheet on my studio bed. Although I encourage my clients to take a look at different poses either on my Boudoir Portfolio Page or my Pinterest Page, they don’t need to worry about how to pose…Posing is my specialty! During your session, I will tell you exactly what to do, where to place your hands, and where to look to create the perfect photograph. It may feel awkward at first but trust me, the results always come out looking amazing!

Philly Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography lady on bed draped in sheet in black-and-white

I also love to use my chaise lounge and take voyeuristic photos through my crystal chandelier. She looked stunning posed on my chaise in the studio’s lace teddy.Philly Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography laying on chaise in black teddy black-and-white

Rustic and Chic

My pallet wall is a favorite of mine to use as a backdrop. I love the contrast between the rustic wood and the sexy lingerie. My client looked beautiful posed against the wall wearing a white sweater off the shoulder. The booty shot wearing her white jeans was also super sexy.

Philly Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography white sweater off the shouldersPhilly Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography wearing white jeans pulling down over booty

Finally she posed in white lace lingerie she bought.  I always encourage my clients to not only rely on bringing or buying pieces of lingerie for their shoot. The studio at SugaShoc Boudoir Photography has an extensive wardrobe that my clients can use. I love having this wardrobe because I don’t want my clients buying expensive lingerie they may not use again. For a look at some of my lingerie options, check out my Boudoir Portfolio Page.Philly Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography wearing white lace lingerie

Good in Bed

Poses on my studio bed always come out beautifully, especially when the sunlight comes streaming in through the window. The light cascaded perfectly on my clients curves and made her skin glow. I just love her posed in this studio owned green lace top. She also looks sexy laying on the bed in her white lace lingerie.

Philly Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography laying on bed wearing gray lace top with hand on breast eyes closedPhilly Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography wearing white lace lingerie laying on bed

All Those Curves

As a Philly Boudoir Photographer, I love showing off women’s bodies with all their beautiful curves. My client’s body was amazing to photograph in this silhouette pose. I love playing with back lighting to cast sexy shadows on the body’s form.  I also love playing with some close-up shots, displaying her gorgeous midsection with some topless poses. I’m sure her husband will find these ultra sexy!

Philly Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography silhouette hand over breast in black-and-whitePhilly Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography open jeans with arms across chestPhilly Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography furry open jacket and black lace pantie

Beauty Shot

I have some great props to use in my studio for posing, especially my wooden crate for leaning against. My client looked stunning in this long black gown that she brought. The low-cut front was a gorgeous accent to the outfit. A little wind always is a perfect finishing touch. My client had a fantastic experience with her shoot and loved all her photos. I know her Wedding Anniversary will be extra special because of the gift she will be giving her husband and to herself!

Philly Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography low-cut black dressing leaning on crate

If you are curious about a customized Boudoir Session, please contact me for more information and scheduling. Also, please check out my other Boudoir Sessions on my Blog.

Philly Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography low-cut black gown leaning on crate black-and-white


NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY Basics: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW about a SugaShoc Newborn Photography Session

Congratulations on your arriving little one! Newborns are only little for a short time, so you want to make sure that you capture some amazing photographs of your baby. I’m sure you’ve searched the internet and saw how cute those posed newborn photos can be. There’s a lot of choice for Newborn Photography and you want to be sure you pick a photographer that you’ll be comfortable with and give you great photos.

Here’s everything you need to know about a SugaShoc Photography’s Newborn Photography Session.

Why choose Sugashoc Newborn Photography for your as your Newborn Photographer?

I am thrilled that you are thinking of choosing a SugaShoc Photography for your new bundle of joy.  I have a passion for Newborn Photography and it’s why I started my photography journey in the first place. Newborns are only this little and new for a very short period of time. I love that I get to capture these first precious moments in a baby’s life for my clients. I hope that I get to be your Newborn Photographer and photograph those tiny, beautiful moments of your little love before the moment passes forever….

Sugashoc Photography Newborn photography baby girl sleeping on gray blanket wrapped in cream with sparkly headband

When should I book my SugaShoc Photography Newborn Session? 

It’s never too early to book! I schedule my Newborn Photography Sessions based on your due date, although I know babies do arrive early or late. To allow for flexibility of the baby’s arrival, I only schedule 2 newborns a week.

I use your baby’s due date for your tentative appointment date because the best time to photograph a newborn baby is when they are between 5-14 days of age. After this window of time, babies can be harder to soothe and settle, making those sweet, sleepy, curly poses more difficult to achieve. Nonetheless, I will gladly photograph babies older than 14 days or at any age. Every baby is cute and even if they can’t bend and mold as easily as a new, newborn. As a Newborn Photographer, I can still capture beautiful images of your baby for you.

Sugashoc Photography Newborn photography baby girl sleeping in wooden bed holding two hearts

How I stylize a Newborn Photography Session

I custom design & stylize every Newborn Session to your specific requests, color scheme, and home design. Here’s some information that’s great to give me prior to your session so I can plan the look of your photoshoot:

  • The look of your baby’s nursery or favorite colors you decorate your home with. I use this information to help me coordinate outfits, blanket colors, and props that I will use for your session.
  • Theme ideas for your newborn photoshoot or certain props you would like to use
  • Any poses you would like for your baby. Please do take a look my Newborn Portfolio or Pinterest Page and send me links or snapshots of pictures of the props and setups that you would like me to have set up for your session

Newborn Photography Outfits and Props

SugaShoc Photography has an extensive collection of outfits, headbands, hats, blankets and props to create beautiful images that you will treasure for many years to come. Additionally, if you have any special outfits or items you would like to use in a photo, please feel free to let me know. I will happily incorporate anything you bring into a set-up for you, especially if it has sentimental value to you or your family. This Newborn Photography Session is for you and I want these photos to be everything you want them to be.

SugaShoc Photography Newborn photography newborn pose baby girl sleeping in wooden bowl surrounded by family saris

Scheduling your Newborn Photography Session’s date

As your due date approaches, please keep in touch with me and keep me aware of any changes during your pregnancy. This helps me know if I need to adjust your tentative scheduled session.  Please call, text, or email me when your beautiful baby is born or as soon as you get home from the hospital. Then we can to set up a firm date for you and your family to come to the studio and photograph your precious baby!

What should I expect during my Newborn Photography Session?

My Newborn Photography Sessions are never rushed and usually last between 2-3 hours. This allows for plenty of time for extra feedings, burping, and soothing. I know while some babies may sleep the entire time, others may take a bit more soothing throughout the session. Please don’t stress about how your baby will be during the session. I am a skilled Newborn Photographer and know how to get little ones to soothe and go to sleep. Your session will be the only Newborn Photography Session that I book for the day, as I like to keep everything calm and enjoyable for everyone.

What to Bring to Newborn Photography Session?

When you arrive at the studio, if baby is fussy or not full enough, you will have plenty of time to feed your baby and lull them into deep sleep. Besides any special clothes or props for your session, it’s helpful if you bring these items:

  • Have your baby dressed in loose clothing. That way there’s aren’t any marks of their clothes on their bodies, especially if I’m doing any naked poses.
  • Extra diapers and wipes. Babies tend to poop and pee a lot and I want to keep them as clean as possible, particularly if you want any  clothing changes and/or naked shots. Don’t worry if your child poops/pees on any of the clothing or props, as I have anything cleaned.
  • A few bottles of formula or pumped breast milk, enough to last the whole session. If your baby is breast fed exclusively, please feel free to feed them at any time during the session, as needed.
  • A pacifier as I use it to help soothe baby while I try to get them into position. A pacifier can make or break a session because a natural instinct of a newborn is to suck to soothe and if they are full and well fed, all they want is to suck on a pacifier to sooth themselves.

During the Newborn Photography Session

The studio is usually kept between 80-85 degrees which keeps babies comfortable throughout the session. Additionally, a white noise machine is constantly playing to help drift baby into a deep sleep. The noise machine mimics the sound of your womb and it helps them feel at ease, while drowning out all other noise.

During your Newborn Photography Session, I will dress and posed your baby in a variety of set-ups. As a Newborn Photographer, I am trained in positioning your little one and all of these poses are safe for the baby to be in. Once I get the photo I want in a certain pose, I will then change the baby for the next set-up. During these moments, you can feed or change the diaper on the baby as needed. I will work hard to get all the set-ups, props and clothing changes that time and the baby allow.

Sugashoc Photography Newborn photography twins cuddled boy wrapped in blue girl in lace outfit

Newborn Photography Session Pricing

Sugashoc Photography offers several different packages for your little one. Please take a look at what each package includes to find the best fit for you. I do offer payment plans and baby shower gift registry options. Please let me know if you would like additional information.

Please click on Pricing and FAQ to find out more.

SugaShoc Photography Newborn photography Bucks County PA newborn taco

I would love to work with your family to create beautiful memories that you will treasure for a lifetime. I am passionate about Newborn Photography and would be honored to be your Newborn photographer! Contact me today to book your SugaShoc Photography Newborn Photography Session.

Philadelphia Maternity Boudoir Photographer | Bucks County Maternity Boudoir Photographer

There is nothing more beautiful than a Mommy-to-be! Being pregnant is not easy. It comes with all sorts of aches and pains, indigestion, and mainly feeling “fat” because all you see in the mirror is this big belly. You have these magnificent curves and the pregnancy glow, but all you want to do sometimes is hang out in pjs, and eat Fritos. I know! I’ve been there. 3 times! I wished I had done a maternity session with all 3 of my kids because each pregnancy for me was so different and I looked so different for each one! Unfortunately, “all things that should be memorialized as a special time in a mommy-to-be’s life” was not on my mind. I was concerned with all the rest of “life”! As a Philadelphia Maternity Boudoir Photographer, I want to help you celebrate this joyous moment with a fun Maternity Boudoir Session. Use this time to focus on you, your connection with the baby, and to feel sexy again! Contact me to schedule your Maternity Boudoir Session today.

Here’s a sneak peek into my latest Maternity Boudoir Session.

Sexy Momma – Philadelphia Maternity Boudoir Photographer

I was very excited to do this in-studio Maternity Boudoir Session for my client. She chose to add Hair & Make-up to her Maternity Session package.  Adding Hair & Make-up not only feels wonderful as you’re getting pampered but also enhances your beauty for your photography session. Please contact me to inquire about adding Hair & Make-up to your maternity session. She came to my studio and my fabulous beauty team made her look and feel beautiful.

My bedroom studio has beautiful light that pours in from the window, so I like to start my sessions there. Since this was a Maternity Boudoir session, I focused on making her feel beautiful and sexy. She looked gorgeous posed laying on my studio bed wearing just her black bra and underwear.  This pose is a great way to show off your pregnancy curves. For ideas on poses for your session, take a peek at my Maternity Portfolio and Pinterest Page. She then posed sitting on the bed with my floral robe draped off her shoulders while she cradled her belly. This robe is from our Studio Wardrobe!

Philadelphia Maternity Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography pregnant woman wearing black lace bra and pantie laying on bedPhiladelphia Maternity Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography pregnant woman laying on bed in black lace braPhiladelphia Maternity Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography pregnant woman wearing black bra sitting on bed

Philadelphia Maternity Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography pregnant woman wearing black bra and floral robe off the shoulder sitting on bed

As a Philadelphia Maternity Boudoir Photographer, I wanted to turn her sexiness up a notch by having her posed, kneeling on the bed wearing the studio’s fabulous fishnet stockings. Don’t worry. Once we are done with them, you get to take them home! I also shot the photo looking through the studio’s crystal chandelier and converted it to black-and-white. She looked serene and sultry. Philadelphia Maternity Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography pregnant woman wearing fishnet tights and black lace bra

Being a Philadelphia Maternity Boudoir photographer, I always encourage artistic nudes during my boudoir sessions. We always go over your comfort level as we do these sessions so my clients always feel comfortable.  She decided she wanted to do nudes to remember what her body looked like naked. Both for her, and her partner. I just love how the natural light shined on her pregnant belly as she laid on the bed. She also looked gorgeous laying on her side as I shot over her. These will be wonderful photos to remember her amazing pregnant body.Philadelphia Maternity Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography posed naked on bed with arms across chestPhiladelphia Maternity Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography pregnant owman laying on bed with arms across chest naked

Rustic Touch

My pallet wall is a favorite of mine to shoot against. I love how pretty she looks posed against it, wearing an open jean shirt and black lace underwear. Her lovely smile says so much about how excited she is to be growing this little one in her belly. The white lace dress looks perfect on her, as she leaned against the wall, cradling her growing belly.

Philadelphia Maternity Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography pregnant woman wearing open jean jacket standing against wall

Philadelphia Maternity Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography pregnant woman wearing open jean jacket and cradling belly

Philadelphia Maternity Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography pregnant woman wearing white lace dressNext, we did some poses with some of the items I have in my Boudoir wardrobe. My clients are free to use any of the clothing, accessories or props I have in my wardrobe closet. For examples of Boudoir clothing or accessories SugaShoc Photography has available, please read my Boudoir Blogs. She looked stunning wearing my gold chain necklace over her naked form, showing a perfect side profile of her belly. She also looked sexy in my purple, lace teddy from my Boudoir collection.

Philadelphia Maternity Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography pregnant woman standing against wall wearing gold chain necklace naked

Let the Light Shine

Next, we went into my studio to play with some lighting. As a Philadelphia Maternity Boudoir Photographer, I think the naked pregnant body is so beautiful, and I love giving my clients gorgeous photos that capture this moment in their lives. I always think that photos using the back lighting to show off the pregnant silhouette come out amazing.

Philadelphia Maternity Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography pregnant woman naked standing against wall

Philadelphia Maternity Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography pregnant woman naked cradling bellyPhiladelphia Maternity Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography silhouette of pregnant woman

Philadelphia Maternity Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography back lit silhouette of pregnant woman cradling belly

We had some fun using different wraps and clothing to drape over her arms, exposing her stunning pregnant body. A great pose is using a pieced of material pulled back over the body, showing off the pregnant curves. All these wraps were fabrics in my collection!Philadelphia Maternity Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography pregnant woman standing naked with cream wrap

Philadelphia Maternity Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography pregnant woman naked with cream wrap draped over armsPhiladelphia Maternity Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography pregnant woman standing naked with black lace robe

Philadelphia Maternity Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography pregnant woman naked wearing black lace robe over arms

Philadelphia Maternity Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography pregnant woman wrapped in gold sheet

(Not) Basic Black

Finally, we played with a few more of my Boudoir clothing pieces. The sweater bodysuit is also an item of SugaShoc’s wardrobe and worked perfectly on her body.

Philadelphia Maternity Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography pregnant woman wearing black body suit sitting on stool

My client brought in a few of her favorite lingerie and clothing pieces to use in her shoot. I always encourage my clients to bring in pieces that they love to wear or make them feel great and sexy. She looked sexy laying on the floor in her black bra and underwear. She showed off her “Calvins“, with a white tank top and dark underwear. Lastly, she posed against my wall with a pair of her jeans unbuttoned. Philadelphia Maternity Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography pregnant woman laying on floor wearing black bra and pantiePhiladelphia Maternity Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography pregnant woman wearing white top and black underwearPhiladelphia Maternity Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography pregnant woman wearing open jeans and arms across chest

Philadelphia Maternity Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography pregnant woman wearing unbottoned jeans with arms across chest

Pink Angel

For the Finale, she wore in my pink tulle dress and posed on the floor. This pose has become a favorite of my clients, and I just love how beautiful they looked surrounded in the beautiful tulle. I have a wide variety of gorgeous maternity gowns and clothes for my clients to use during their sessions.  For some examples of available clothes, please take a look at my Maternity Page.

My client was so happy with all her photos, and I was overjoyed that I was chosen to give her this experience, and these photos that she will cherish forever.

Philadelphia Maternity Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography pregnant woman wearing pink tulle dress laying

Maternity photography sessions are best done between 28-36 weeks when the belly is nice and round and you are still relatively comfortable. These can be done in studio or at an outdoor location of your choice. Please contact me to inquire more about booking your maternity session. I want to give you photographs that you will treasure for a life time, so let me be your Philadelphia Maternity Boudoir Photographer.Philadelphia Maternity Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography pregnant woman sitting wearing jean jacket and black bra

Welcome Home

Hi! I am Candy Hoehn and I would love to create beautiful photographs for you and your family to cherish for generations to come.