Boudoir for Every Body in PA

I’ve said it before and I will never stop saying it; boudoir is for every body! Boudoir isn’t just about taking intimate pictures. It’s about empowerment, beauty, and celebrating. We are celebrating you, your body, and your strength. It is a deeply powerful experience that I cannot recommend enough. Believe me when I say your nerves and self-consciousness will disappear once we start the session. Boudoir is about recognizing and capturing the incredible person you are.

Boudoir is Personal

Whether you are taking these pictures as a gift for your partner or just to get out of your comfort zone, I are here to help you. From full hair and makeup, to accessories and wardrobe options, I am your biggest cheerleader. I know it can be scary, but I guarantee you that soon after we start, you feel comfortable and confident. I am not doing my job if you don’t leave the session feeling strong, sexy, and confident. From beginning to end, I am here for you. I tell you exactly where to put your hands and feet, I tell you exactly where to look, AND, how to look at the camera. There is no guesswork involved when you book a session with me!

In studio boudoir for plus size woman

The woman featured in this post is the perfect example of someone who came in nervous, but left feeling excited and empowered. This is her testimonial:

“I decided to do this session to celebrate my relationship with my fiancé, as well as celebrate my relationship with myself. To my own surprise, before the session, I felt very nervous. I had never done something like this before. I’m not just talking about posing in front of a camera. I mean showing my body in general. I have been overweight my entire life and although I always had some confidence, I was just never the girl to put myself out there.

But since being with my fiancé, that confidence has tripled. I figured life is too short to hide from things that you might be afraid of. As the session unfolded I was glad I stepped out of my comfort zone. Candy & Nicole were a big help in making me feel not only beautiful, but also empowered. I stepped into the studio a person with *zero* experience or knowledge of a boudoir photoshoot, so nervous I didn’t want to put on the lingerie!

However, Candy & Nicole were cheering me on every step of the way, and as the session went on, I kept getting more and more confident as she showed me the back of her camera. I couldn’t believe that was ME! I left the studio feeling confident in myself, happy I decided to take this chance, and excited to receive my photo album to give to my significant other! These photos and this experience is the greatest gift I could give to him, but more importantly to myself.”

My Own Boudoir Experience

Having done my own boudoir photoshoot, I know just how my clients feel. Even though I had taken countless boudoir photographs, I didn’t know how to be on the other side. I was lucky enough to have a photographer who guided and encouraged me. That’s what I will do for you. I will be right by your side, cheering you on, helping you pose, and giving you the experience of a lifetime.

In studio boudoir for plus size woman wearing lingerie.

You are welcome to browse my website, Instagram, blog, and Pinterest for ideas and inspiration. When you’re ready to book or have any questions, just reach out and we will work through it all together. I promise you will have the boudoir shoot of your dreams!

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