Beautiful Fighter Mini Session- Doylestown Children Photographer

“Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day”. Being a Doylestown Children Photographer, I get a chance to photograph adorable little kids and give their parents beautiful photos they can cherish. I feel especially honored to put together a photoshoot for a child who very much deserves a special day. I get to capture their beauty and happiness while making them feel like a princess. Contact me to schedule your Children Session today.

Here’s a sneak peek into my latest Children Session.

Beautiful Fighter Mini Session – Doylestown Children Photographer

My latest client was not only a beautiful little girl, but was an amazing fighter. Her mom found me on The Gold Hope Project and asked if I would be willing to photograph her daughter and gift them a special day for her to be a princess. I happily obliged.

As a baby, she was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma cancer. She had an unsuccessful removal surgery and was placed in a medical coma for two weeks. During the coma, she lost half her body weight and eventually had to learn to walk and eat again.  She had chemo which seemed to shrink the tumor, but unfortunately a year later had a relapse where they removed what they could of the tumor near her spine. Nonetheless, she never lost her fight or her smile during this whole process. She has come a long way but still has a fight ahead of her. Her monitoring continues at CHOP and has injections and scans to check on her progress.

I was honored that I got to put together a fun photo shoot for this deserving girl.  I wanted the session to be light and easy, and to make her feel beautiful. She looked gorgeous in my blue children’s dress with the sequined cover from TuTuDuMonde.  SugaShoc Photography has a beautiful wardrobe of clothes for clients to use during their session. For ideas on what outfits are available for use, check out my Portfolio Page. The light from the window shone warmly on her face and accentuated her lovely smile.

Sugashoc Photography Doylestown Children Photographer girl kneeling on bed in dress dress

Perfect Poser

She had a blast posing for the camera. I love her in my light gray dress with the tulle skirt. So girly and sweet. I loved using her in the dress against the contrast of the heavy, wooden floor. For posing ideas, check out my Pinterest Page.

She had the most beautiful, deep eyes and cutest smile. I just let her be her and have fun with this photo shoot. The photo of her sticking out her tongue is one of my favorites. Such a wonderful, candid moment.  As a Doylestown Children Photographer, I was so happy I was able to give this amazing little girl a memorable session and a space to be happy and have fun. Please follow her journey here on her Facebook page. You can see her scare on her chest that she proudly wears, but other than that, you would not know how much she has gone through. Please send her all your thoughts and prayers as she continues her fight.

Sugashoc Photography Doylestown Children Photographer child pose girl in gray tulle dress smilingSugashoc Photography Doylestown Children Photographer girl in gray tulle dress sticking out tongue in black-and-whiteSugashoc Photography Doylestown Children Photographer girl standing wearing gray tulle dressSugashoc Photography Doylestown Children Photographer girl pose in gray dress in black-and-white

These are the Moments

Capture the joy and wonderment of being a child through the fine art of children photography. Remember them while they are still impulsive, beautifully spontaneous, and wonderfully innocent. They will cherish these memories when they have children of their own someday and so will you….

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Sugashoc Photography Doylestown Children Photographer child pose with hands by face in gray tulle dress


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