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He gave you a ring and said “I do”…why not give him something special in return. Boudoir photos are a great wedding gift, and the perfect way to say “I’m yours, and only yours, forever!” A Fiance boudoir session is a sexy way to give the gift that keeps on giving. Contact me today to book your boudoir session!

Here’s a sneak peek into my latest Boudoir Session.

Fiance Boudoir – Good in Bed

My client wanted to have a Fiance Boudoir session to put together a photo album as a gift to her future husband on their wedding day. I was excited that she chose SugaShoc Photography and our glam team for her session. Once my fantastic Hair & Make-up team glammed her up, we were ready to shoot. To begin with, we started in my natural light studio with the bed set-up. I quickly and happily learned she was very comfortable in front of the camera and with her body.  We decided to start off with some nudes on the bed. The warm light from the window cascaded beautifully on her curves.

Sugashoc Photography Fiance Boudoir woman laying on bed draped below booty in white sheet black-and-whiteSugashoc Photography Fiance Boudoir woman kneeling on bed booty shot with hands in hair

Sugashoc Photography Fiance Boudoir woman laying on bed with booty in air

A Little Lace

My client had brought some beautiful lingerie that she purchased from Shein and Forever 21.  I always encourage my clients to take a look at my Portfolio Page to get ideas for clothing and posing suggestions. Additionally, checking out this page gives you chance to see some poses that I love.  She looked sexy in the dark blue bra and nderwear set as she laid on the bed. Likewise, the white lace top and underwear were beautiful and photographed lovely in color and black-and-white.Sugashoc Photography Fiance Boudoir layingon bed wearing black bra and panty hand on breastSugashoc Photography Fiance Boudoir cloe up shot of laying on bed in white lace bra and panty in black-and-whiteSugashoc Photography Fiance Boudoir laying on bed in white teddy

Sexy Personal Touch

I always love when clients bring her personal items and clothing to pose with. Her Fiance is a huge Eagles fan, so she wanted to show some team spirit.  I love this booty shot with her wearing an Eagles shirt off-the-shoulder. This jersey is available in the studio for you to use during your boudoir session!  She also brought his work shirt in so we had to sex it up! I’m sure this version of the the uniform isn’t within company regulations, but it sure is sexy!

Sugashoc Photography Fiance Boudoir booty shot wearing Eagles shirt

Sugashoc Photography Fiance Boudoir stadning against wooden wall with black shirt open

Rustic Sexiness

I’ve blogged before that I am obsessed with my new pallet wall. I think it gives such texture to my boudoir photos, the juxtaposition of rough next to the sexy/soft is so hot. For posing ideas, check out my other Boudoir blogs. Love her leaning against the wall wearing the bra set and a floral robe from my wardrobe collection. Her smile says it all – she was having a great time!

Sugashoc Photography Fiance Boudoir booty shot wearing white thong teddySugashoc Photography Fiance Boudoir leaning against wooden wall wearing black bra and panty and open robe

I Spy…

Another shot I love to do with my clients is having them pose on my chaise and I take the shot looking through my crystal chandelier. It gives such a voyeuristic feeling to my photos. She looked beautiful in the black lace teddy while holding her hair up and leaning back. The white lace teddy was sexy too, changing up the pose with letting her hair down and looking at the camera.

Sugashoc Photography Fiance Boudoir sitting on caise wearing black teddy looking through chandelierSugashoc Photography Fiance Boudoir sitting on chaise in white teddy shot through chandelier

The Darker Side

Next, we changed studios to play with my studio lighting against my dark backdrop. I am loving how the dramatic lighting gives such a different feel to my photos, especially when done in black-and-white. Loved her posed on my stool with her head flung back and her hand on her breast. Her nude against the dark wall is gorgeous with the light hugging her curves.

Sugashoc Photography Fiance Boudoir sitting on stool wearing black lace teddy head back hand on breastSugashoc Photography Fiance Boudoir standing against wall with hands in breast in black-and-white

The lace top below is from SugaShoc Photography’s wardrobe. All my clients have use of my beautiful collection of clothing during their Fiance Boudoir session. Finally, no session is complete without a great booty shot. Love it in black-and-white and done close-up. My client loved her experience during her Fiance boudoir session and was so happy with all the photos! I’m sure her Fiance is going to love them too!

Sugashoc Photography Fiance Boudoir standing against wall wearing black lace topSugashoc Photography Fiance Boudoir booty shot wearing black lace panty black-and-white

Give your significant other a present they will always remember!  Contact me now to schedule your Boudoir Session today.

Sugashoc Photography Fiance Boudoir wearing open jeans arms crossing chest in black-and-white



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