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The silver 25th anniversary is an amazing milestone wedding anniversary. As a Philly Boudoir Photographer, I think spending a quarter of a century in love with one person needs a special gift – an album filled with sexy boudoir photos. Contact me today to discuss a session for you!

Here’s a sneak peek at my latest Wedding Anniversary Boudoir Session.

Wedding Anniversary Boudoir Session – Philly Boudoir Photographer

My most recent client wanted something sexy as a gift for her 25th Wedding Anniversary.  I was so pleased that she chose SugaShoc Photography as her Philly Boudoir Photographer! She came in for her session, and my all female Hair & Make-up team got to work making her look and feel beautiful. While they were glamming her up, I went through the clothing items my client brought, and together with some pieces from the boudoir client closet, I started to plan her session.

50 Shades of Gray

Philly Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography laying on bed on stomach with sheet draped exposing booty black-and-white


My client had a beautiful body and I couldn’t believe that this stunning woman had just celebrated her 50th birthday. Since she was very comfortable with her body, I decided to do some partial nudes in my bedroom studio.  She looked gorgeous just draped in a bed sheet on my studio bed. Although I encourage my clients to take a look at different poses either on my Boudoir Portfolio Page or my Pinterest Page, they don’t need to worry about how to pose…Posing is my specialty! During your session, I will tell you exactly what to do, where to place your hands, and where to look to create the perfect photograph. It may feel awkward at first but trust me, the results always come out looking amazing!

Philly Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography lady on bed draped in sheet in black-and-white

I also love to use my chaise lounge and take voyeuristic photos through my crystal chandelier. She looked stunning posed on my chaise in the studio’s lace teddy.Philly Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography laying on chaise in black teddy black-and-white

Rustic and Chic

My pallet wall is a favorite of mine to use as a backdrop. I love the contrast between the rustic wood and the sexy lingerie. My client looked beautiful posed against the wall wearing a white sweater off the shoulder. The booty shot wearing her white jeans was also super sexy.

Philly Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography white sweater off the shouldersPhilly Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography wearing white jeans pulling down over booty

Finally she posed in white lace lingerie she bought.  I always encourage my clients to not only rely on bringing or buying pieces of lingerie for their shoot. The studio at SugaShoc Boudoir Photography has an extensive wardrobe that my clients can use. I love having this wardrobe because I don’t want my clients buying expensive lingerie they may not use again. For a look at some of my lingerie options, check out my Boudoir Portfolio Page.Philly Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography wearing white lace lingerie

Good in Bed

Poses on my studio bed always come out beautifully, especially when the sunlight comes streaming in through the window. The light cascaded perfectly on my clients curves and made her skin glow. I just love her posed in this studio owned green lace top. She also looks sexy laying on the bed in her white lace lingerie.

Philly Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography laying on bed wearing gray lace top with hand on breast eyes closedPhilly Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography wearing white lace lingerie laying on bed

All Those Curves

As a Philly Boudoir Photographer, I love showing off women’s bodies with all their beautiful curves. My client’s body was amazing to photograph in this silhouette pose. I love playing with back lighting to cast sexy shadows on the body’s form.  I also love playing with some close-up shots, displaying her gorgeous midsection with some topless poses. I’m sure her husband will find these ultra sexy!

Philly Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography silhouette hand over breast in black-and-whitePhilly Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography open jeans with arms across chestPhilly Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography furry open jacket and black lace pantie

Beauty Shot

I have some great props to use in my studio for posing, especially my wooden crate for leaning against. My client looked stunning in this long black gown that she brought. The low-cut front was a gorgeous accent to the outfit. A little wind always is a perfect finishing touch. My client had a fantastic experience with her shoot and loved all her photos. I know her Wedding Anniversary will be extra special because of the gift she will be giving her husband and to herself!

Philly Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography low-cut black dressing leaning on crate

If you are curious about a customized Boudoir Session, please contact me for more information and scheduling. Also, please check out my other Boudoir Sessions on my Blog.

Philly Boudoir Photographer SugaShoc Photography low-cut black gown leaning on crate black-and-white


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