NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY Basics: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW about a SugaShoc Newborn Photography Session

Congratulations on your arriving little one! Newborns are only little for a short time, so you want to make sure that you capture some amazing photographs of your baby. I’m sure you’ve searched the internet and saw how cute those posed newborn photos can be. There’s a lot of choice for Newborn Photography and you want to be sure you pick a photographer that you’ll be comfortable with and give you great photos.

Here’s everything you need to know about a SugaShoc Photography’s Newborn Photography Session.

Why choose Sugashoc Newborn Photography for your as your Newborn Photographer?

I am thrilled that you are thinking of choosing a SugaShoc Photography for your new bundle of joy.  I have a passion for Newborn Photography and it’s why I started my photography journey in the first place. Newborns are only this little and new for a very short period of time. I love that I get to capture these first precious moments in a baby’s life for my clients. I hope that I get to be your Newborn Photographer and photograph those tiny, beautiful moments of your little love before the moment passes forever….

Sugashoc Photography Newborn photography baby girl sleeping on gray blanket wrapped in cream with sparkly headband

When should I book my SugaShoc Photography Newborn Session? 

It’s never too early to book! I schedule my Newborn Photography Sessions based on your due date, although I know babies do arrive early or late. To allow for flexibility of the baby’s arrival, I only schedule 2 newborns a week.

I use your baby’s due date for your tentative appointment date because the best time to photograph a newborn baby is when they are between 5-14 days of age. After this window of time, babies can be harder to soothe and settle, making those sweet, sleepy, curly poses more difficult to achieve. Nonetheless, I will gladly photograph babies older than 14 days or at any age. Every baby is cute and even if they can’t bend and mold as easily as a new, newborn. As a Newborn Photographer, I can still capture beautiful images of your baby for you.

Sugashoc Photography Newborn photography baby girl sleeping in wooden bed holding two hearts

How I stylize a Newborn Photography Session

I custom design & stylize every Newborn Session to your specific requests, color scheme, and home design. Here’s some information that’s great to give me prior to your session so I can plan the look of your photoshoot:

  • The look of your baby’s nursery or favorite colors you decorate your home with. I use this information to help me coordinate outfits, blanket colors, and props that I will use for your session.
  • Theme ideas for your newborn photoshoot or certain props you would like to use
  • Any poses you would like for your baby. Please do take a look my Newborn Portfolio or Pinterest Page and send me links or snapshots of pictures of the props and setups that you would like me to have set up for your session

Newborn Photography Outfits and Props

SugaShoc Photography has an extensive collection of outfits, headbands, hats, blankets and props to create beautiful images that you will treasure for many years to come. Additionally, if you have any special outfits or items you would like to use in a photo, please feel free to let me know. I will happily incorporate anything you bring into a set-up for you, especially if it has sentimental value to you or your family. This Newborn Photography Session is for you and I want these photos to be everything you want them to be.

SugaShoc Photography Newborn photography newborn pose baby girl sleeping in wooden bowl surrounded by family saris

Scheduling your Newborn Photography Session’s date

As your due date approaches, please keep in touch with me and keep me aware of any changes during your pregnancy. This helps me know if I need to adjust your tentative scheduled session.  Please call, text, or email me when your beautiful baby is born or as soon as you get home from the hospital. Then we can to set up a firm date for you and your family to come to the studio and photograph your precious baby!

What should I expect during my Newborn Photography Session?

My Newborn Photography Sessions are never rushed and usually last between 2-3 hours. This allows for plenty of time for extra feedings, burping, and soothing. I know while some babies may sleep the entire time, others may take a bit more soothing throughout the session. Please don’t stress about how your baby will be during the session. I am a skilled Newborn Photographer and know how to get little ones to soothe and go to sleep. Your session will be the only Newborn Photography Session that I book for the day, as I like to keep everything calm and enjoyable for everyone.

What to Bring to Newborn Photography Session?

When you arrive at the studio, if baby is fussy or not full enough, you will have plenty of time to feed your baby and lull them into deep sleep. Besides any special clothes or props for your session, it’s helpful if you bring these items:

  • Have your baby dressed in loose clothing. That way there’s aren’t any marks of their clothes on their bodies, especially if I’m doing any naked poses.
  • Extra diapers and wipes. Babies tend to poop and pee a lot and I want to keep them as clean as possible, particularly if you want any  clothing changes and/or naked shots. Don’t worry if your child poops/pees on any of the clothing or props, as I have anything cleaned.
  • A few bottles of formula or pumped breast milk, enough to last the whole session. If your baby is breast fed exclusively, please feel free to feed them at any time during the session, as needed.
  • A pacifier as I use it to help soothe baby while I try to get them into position. A pacifier can make or break a session because a natural instinct of a newborn is to suck to soothe and if they are full and well fed, all they want is to suck on a pacifier to sooth themselves.

During the Newborn Photography Session

The studio is usually kept between 80-85 degrees which keeps babies comfortable throughout the session. Additionally, a white noise machine is constantly playing to help drift baby into a deep sleep. The noise machine mimics the sound of your womb and it helps them feel at ease, while drowning out all other noise.

During your Newborn Photography Session, I will dress and posed your baby in a variety of set-ups. As a Newborn Photographer, I am trained in positioning your little one and all of these poses are safe for the baby to be in. Once I get the photo I want in a certain pose, I will then change the baby for the next set-up. During these moments, you can feed or change the diaper on the baby as needed. I will work hard to get all the set-ups, props and clothing changes that time and the baby allow.

Sugashoc Photography Newborn photography twins cuddled boy wrapped in blue girl in lace outfit

Newborn Photography Session Pricing

Sugashoc Photography offers several different packages for your little one. Please take a look at what each package includes to find the best fit for you. I do offer payment plans and baby shower gift registry options. Please let me know if you would like additional information.

Please click on Pricing and FAQ to find out more.

SugaShoc Photography Newborn photography Bucks County PA newborn taco

I would love to work with your family to create beautiful memories that you will treasure for a lifetime. I am passionate about Newborn Photography and would be honored to be your Newborn photographer! Contact me today to book your SugaShoc Photography Newborn Photography Session.

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