Newborn Twins Photographer Bucks County PA | Doylestown PA

I am so in love with this Newborn Twins session I photographed. Big sister was six years old and she was such a good helper for me. Holding the babies, feeding them, soothing them, these twin babies are so lucky to have her as their big sister.

Mom’s sister was the one who contacted me about buying the session as a gift for her sister and I am so glad she did. Working with this family has been such a joy and it is moments like these that I just thank god that I am a newborn photographer and that I am able to give this gift of memories to so many people.

Both babies slept so well. Baby Benjamin was the bigger of the two and he was the best sleeper! Didn’t wake up once and gave me tons of smiles. Little sister Aubrey was a feisty one but as soon as I wrapped her up like a little baby burrito, she slept like a dream. There are so many images I love from this session that I wish I could share them all. I will have to save some for a surprise in their gallery…..

Jewel Tie backs and bracelet from Sleepy Shimmer. Flokati from RugsUSA. Puzzle bowl from Home Decorators. Pearl tie back from Just Hatched Designs. Teddy Bear Hats from Pure Knits. Purple blanket from Ikea. Purple Lace mohair romper and grey hat from NRB Designs.



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