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When this family contacted me for their newborn session and told me their baby boy was the fourth sibling in this family, I was so ecstatic for them. The kids were so good and well behaved, I really wanted mom to give me more tips on how she kept them so calm.

Having photographed them, I was so happy that they sign up with me to do the Grow with me Baby Plan. I cannot wait to watch this gorgeous family grow up right before my very eyes. When I noticed his lashes, I really wanted a macro shot of his face. Look at this little guys lashes!! I am so jealous!

By the way, Dad was a huge baseball fan and he plays a lot so all the baseball props are his and I was so happy we got to incorporate them into their session. SugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA_newborn_macro_shot_face_lashesSugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA_newborn_with_siblings_pose_ideasSugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA_newborn_in_baseball_glove_posing_ideasSugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA_newborn_in_driftwoodSugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA_newborn_froggy_poseSugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA_newborn_wide_awake_shot_swaddle_sackSugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA_newborn_smile_swaddle_sack


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