Newborn Photographer Bucks County PA, Doylestown PA

This little newborn lady was so sweet and she slept so well. She woke up a few times to snack but after she ate, she went right back to sleep. A newborn photographer’s dream….

Because she did like to snack, we made the most out of feeding time to squeeze some macro shots in. Most of the macro shots were done while she ate. Even though she was squirmy, we still managed to get the feet shot in with the help of mom.

I love using this beautiful grey crochet sack that my aunt made because it adds plenty of texture to the image and I love grey. We added a mustard yellow hat in for just a little pop of color.

Grey wrap from TFJ Designs. Mustard Yellow hat from She Makes Hats. Eggplant wrap from Emma Ruth Designs. Rosebud jeweled tieback and bracelet from Sleepy Shimmer. Newborn Swaddle Sack from Knit in the Womb Designs. Frayed wrap from Lilian Grace.

SugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA_newborn_in_knitted_sack_mustard_yellow_hat_and_grey_sackSugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA_smiling_newborn_with_dad_poseSugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA_sleepy_shimmer_tieback_and_bracelet_on_newbornSugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA_newborn_on_dad_arm_poseSugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA_macro_shot_of_newborn_handSugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA_mom_and_newborn_laying_down_poseSugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA_newborn_swaddle_sackSugaShoc_Photogra phy_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA_macro_newborn_feet_shot_with_frayed_scarf_wrapped_around_feet


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