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How easy is it to photograph your OWN newborn – Newborn Photographer Bucks County PA | Doylestown PA

How easy is it to photograph your OWN newborn? I am sure if you are a parent or a professional newborn photographer or both, you will have asked yourself this question as soon as you found out you were pregnant. Should I photograph my OWN newborn? After giving birth to a 8lb 13 oz baby, having been through a 12 hour birthing experience, albeit with an epidural, and having a second degree tear with stitches you know where…. Oh, it was tough.  So, NOT easy.

If you are a newborn photographer yourself, you will probably think, I can do my own kid’s newborn session! I’ve already photographed hundreds of newborns! Mine will be no different. I admit, some babies may be easy and you may be able to get your baby to cooperate but mine was so not cooperative. I was so glad I hired a newborn photographer for my baby Ella because I would have been so much more stressed out if I had to totally rely on my own expertise.

Every time I took baby Ella into the studio to photograph her, no matter how tired she was or how full she was, she would wake up and want to play with me! She wasn’t fussy, she just smelled me and wanted to stay up and play! Thank god she was cute! Haha! Also, thank goodness we already had a newborn photographer lined up to take her photos or I would be so SOL!

Another thing you have to consider is, who is going to do your family portraits? I sure as heck could not teach my husband the right angles, how to pose me, and also how in the world would I be able to get my other two boys to look into the camera? If I didn’t hire someone else to do her newborn session, we would not have these beautiful family portraits of our family that I treasure so much! You only have a very short window to get these portraits done and when the baby is past 14 days old, it may be a lot harder to get them sleepy and curled up like the ones you see here done by Redhead Photography. I am so grateful to her for these photos.

Now I said it wasn’t easy to photograph your own newborn but I didn’t say it was impossible. I did manage to get her into a few setups but I had to do only one setup a day as she would wakeup and want to play or I would be too tired and hurting from recovery. So by the time I was done doing everything, she was already 4 weeks old and was not as curly or as tiny anymore.

So the bottom line is, if you really want to have these precious moments of your own newborn documented, I really encourage you to consider hiring someone else to do them as you will not get a second chance. I sure am glad I did….

All family images taken by Redhead Photography.

All other photos are styled and taken by me. Props and outfits from the following talented vendors:

Mia Joy, My darling Emma, Vanilla Lullaby, Two Crafty Mamas, HighPeakDesign, Little Lidz, Roses and Ruffles, Couture Phantasies, Joie De Knits, Mamamada Photo Props, Good Looking Props, Felted Sky.

The holiday photo I took of Ella was featured by Shutterfly! Read the article here: 100 Festive Christmas Photo Ideas

SugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA_posing_in_a_bowl_newborn_posing_ideasPINIMAGESugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA_bum_up_pose_newborn_posing_ideasPINIMAGESugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA_potato_sack_pose_newborn_posing_ideasPINIMAGESugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA_macro_shots_of_feet_newborn_posing_ideasPINIMAGESugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA posing_in_a_bowl_with_sweater_newborn_posing_ideasPINIMAGESugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA posing_in_a_bowl_with_santa_outfit_newborn_posing_ideasPINIMAGESugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA_macro_shots_of_lips_newborn_posing_ideasPINIMAGESugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA_baby_in_fluffy_rug_newborn_posing_ideasPINIMAGESugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA_baby_blue_wrap_newborn_posing_ideasPINIMAGESugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA_macro_shots_of_eyelashes_newborn_posing_ideasPINIMAGESugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA_newborn_sleeping_looking_relaxed_newborn_posing_ideasPINIMAGESugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA_resting_in_bucket_newborn_posing_ideasPINIMAGESugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA_mommy_and_baby_newborn_posing_ideasPINIMAGESugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA_family_with_baby_newborn_posing_ideasPINIMAGESugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA_parents_with_baby_newborn_posing_ideasPINIMAGE

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  • Amanda - These are so stunning! She is just pure perfection. Congratulations on your new bundle of sweetness.ReplyCancel

  • Jocelyn - Baby Ella is adorable and you have done an amazing job on her photos. Great article! Thanks so much for the mention. ❤ReplyCancel

  • Lana - Stunning images! I tried doing my newborns too but it didn’t quite worked 🙂 Well, back then I didn’t have much experience either.ReplyCancel

  • Amy Fanton - Wow such gorgeous images! I tried doing my own newborn photographs and it was a mess–so stressful and I ended up only getting a couple of shots! So wish I had hired someone!ReplyCancel

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  • Ashley - Congratulations on your new baby! It’s so cool to see you on the blog, to go along with your words. Thanks for sharing your personal experience and family with us. You’re beautiful, and so are your photos! <3ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer - This was such a great read, and very informative for anyone considering their own session. Always looks easier then it is, I must say you have captured some amazing photographs of your daughter. The family photos turned out stunning as well!ReplyCancel

  • Christine D - Candy, she is just beautiful! Of course it is tough to photograph your own newborn, but you still did a beautiful job. And the photo session with your chosen photographer is just as gorgeous! You now have those perfect early days captured forever. Such a beautiful family you are!ReplyCancel

  • Charlotte Morgan - No easy, and it’s super expensive. I love all your cute little outfits and your poses are just perfect. Great job.ReplyCancel

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    It is so important to hire someone to do your newborn photos even if you are a photographer. Your so right. I am so glad you did so you can have those memories captured.ReplyCancel

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  • Megan - WOW! These are breathtaking!! I LOVE that the props are all so stylish and perfect with the tones for the session. Great advise for all mom-tographers out there too! Dont forget to have your own portraits taken! It is so important to exist in photos!ReplyCancel

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  • Allison Anderson - Your daughter is the cutest little thing I have ever seen! Congratulations. And well done on the photos, especially the family photos. It took me 3 kids before I went and hired someone to take my newborn photos. It was so much less pressure.ReplyCancel

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