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We finally had a HUGE snow day after such a weird and warm winter. Although I did love having a warm winter to go out strolling after big dinners during the holidays, I was secretly wishing for snow on Christmas Day. How does a massive snow storm drum up such sentimental thoughts like hope for my children? Growing up in Singapore, it was always 80-100 degrees all year round so I never got to play in the snow as a kid. Something that a lot of people take for granted. So when we do get it, I love snow. I love the fact that my children will get to experience it like I never did when I was little. Sledding, falling down in the snow and laying there, knowing it will be difficult to get up but it will be so much fun to try. Eating snow, the delicious feeling of it melting on your tongue and knowing that it just came from the sky. It all seems so magical.

I became part of a blog circle this month and it was the perfect time to use it to force myself to take my camera out more. I had to capture my boys playing in the first snow of the season. I wanted to capture their innocence, their love of life, their pure joy at something so simple. It was so much fun watching them appreciate the snow and when they came in all cold and tired, they had a warm cup of hot chocolate waiting for them. I hope that they will remember the feel of the snow melting on their tongue. I hope that they will remember their excitement of waking up in the morning and seeing the blanket of white snow, squealing in delight because they know they will get to go play in it. I hope they will remember the pure joy and exhilaration of jumping on a sled and flying down a small hill. I hope that these memories are the ones that they will recall when they are all grown up, and they see the first snow flake hit the ground…..

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  • Jackie - wow these photos are really great I love everything about them. You can see how much fun your kids had in the snow and then the best part is always the hot chocolate!ReplyCancel

  • Lesley Worley - I SO love the light in your images! These moments are so special! They look like they are buds!!!ReplyCancel

  • Terri - It’s hard to imagine a childhood without snow! I’m so glad your boys will have these memories – it really is something special!ReplyCancel

  • Elaina - These are great! Love that golden light. Such memories for both you and your boys.ReplyCancel

  • Kristina - Love the snowball fight, looks so much fun!ReplyCancel

  • Rachel - You’re so right, we take our childhood experiences for granted! These images remind me of my own winters playing in the snow with hot chocolate waiting for me at home. Though I don’t think I ever had quite so many marshmallows 😉ReplyCancel

  • Corey - These are so fun! It looks like your boys had a blast in the snow! You captured their day perfectly!ReplyCancel

  • Dawn - I love these glimpses at everyday life, your boys look like they had so much fun in the snow! I love that you are giving your boys such beautiful and wholesome experiences, the memories they have are priceless!ReplyCancel

  • Rebecca - That last ‘tongue’ picture made me giggle!! You definitely captured the fun of childhood and snow! Loved looking at these images…xReplyCancel

  • Jamie - Looks like you had lots of fun in the snow! I hope you enjoyed your snow day….cute photos!ReplyCancel

  • Christine D - I grew up in the tropics too. While I am certainly a warm weather lover, living with four distinct seasons now has taught me that winter is a good time for reflection. When it is warm outside, we go outside and open doors and windows. When it is cold and snowy, we cuddle up and stay inside and can’t help but think about our lives. I am happy that inspired you to get your camera out and document your children. They will be grown so quickly. You always take such beautiful newborn and family portraits for other people; it is time to document some of your own memories!ReplyCancel

  • Brenden - I think its so important as a photographer to slow down and capture some of your own moneys. I love these lifestyle portraits of your family. Every time I see something like this I image 20 years down the road when your kids are going though these photos and remembering what an amazing childhood they had.ReplyCancel

  • abbie - We’ve had snow the first time so love your photos! so cool your kids have all that much with it, it’s a little cold to me! LOL Good lifestyle images are just so important for all families to have!ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Rittenberry - Love that you shared a personal post with us this week. You are so right about certain areas of the world taking for granted having all four seasons and enjoying the different weather that each one brings. It looks like your children had a wonderful time playing in the snow and am sure that will be one of their fondest childhood memories as they look back as adults.ReplyCancel

  • Samantha - I love these adorable photos of these children having a blast in the snow! What a perfect day for a shoot like this as the sun is shining down in these smiling faces. The hot cocoa pictures…post snow fun are just so precious and sweet!ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer - This is an amazing experience for them, and a great capture of memories for you all. As a true Floridian born and raised I have never seen snow. I don’t feel I am missing out because I have yet to see it, but after reading your amazing blog I sure do feel I need to make a special trip, if not for me then for my 3 children. To capture amazing child hood memories as you have done with our family. These are beautiful, cold yet such a warm tone to the images. You are one amazing children’s photographer.ReplyCancel

  • Deanna - These snow day images are so sweet! I love that you shared a little about how you grew up and why snow is so important to you. The snow really is beautiful and I love how you captured the soft glow of the last light of the day. Since you’re a Maternity Photographer in Bucks County PA I would also love to see some a snow maternity session!ReplyCancel

  • Alyssa - I really love this personal post! Its great to see the personal side from someone who is always capturing others memories. And of course, oh so important to focus on capturing what means the most to you. And I just love that it was the snow day in Doylestown that you captured! From a snowball fight to hot chocolate, it is just perfect.ReplyCancel

  • Maria - I felt the same way on Christmas! I was dying for snow, we also had a milk winter but now it is FREEZING! I love seeing personal family posts from photographers because we do need to make sure we are not forgetting to capture our own lives!ReplyCancel

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