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What better birthday gift to give than beautiful pictures of yourself in your birthday suit.  A birthday boudoir session is a sexy, timeless treasure that will surely knock your significant other’s socks off.  It is a way to express your love for them in a sensual, fun way. Contact me today!

Here’s a sneak peek into my latest Birthday Boudoir Session.

Birthday Boudoir Session

My latest client wanted to do a birthday boudoir session as a present for her husband’s birthday. She was very nervous about the session and equally worried that she wouldn’t like the images. As a boudoir photographer, it is so important that my clients know that I am there to make sure they feel comfortable. I want the experience to be memorable and being comfortable with our team is such an important part of our process.

We started with our glam hair and make-up professional pampering her to make her look and feel beautiful.  Once she was all dolled up, it was time for the fun to begin.

Where the Magic Happens…

We started shooting in my lifestyle bedroom set-up. She looked so beautiful laying on my bed with just a sheet covering her.  I loved the strong look in her eyes and just a hint of a smile. Very sexy. I also did a shot of her laying on her side on the bed wearing a dark green bra and underwear. I loved how the natural light from the window shone on her curves….

SugaShoc Photography Birthday Boudoir pose laying on bed draped in white sheet exposing booty SugaShoc Photography Birthday Boudoir pose laying on side on bed wearing green bra and panty

The pallet wall is a new feature of my studio and I love to pose my clients against it. She looked stunning, posed while wearing the studio’s floral kimono hanging off her shoulder.  My chaise is also great for posing on. I loved her in the studio’s deep purple, lace bodysuit and for added effect I took the shot looking through my crystal chandelier for a voyeuristic effect.

SugaShoc Photography Birthday Boudoir pose standing against wall wearing black lace bra and panty with open floral robe SugaShoc Photography Birthday Boudoir pose laying on chaise wearing purple lace bodysuit

Once we starting shooting and my client felt comfortable, we decided to do a series of photos topless. I thought she had a beautiful body and was ecstatic that she loved her curves and wanted to show them off. Besides this being a really fun angle, shooting through the chandelier, I am loving using large fishnet stockings. How sexy does her booty look in these. The close-up shot of her chest came out stunning and I think it’s going to be a photo her husband is going to love. That was an interesting shot to set up because we used coconut oil, and a spray bottle full of water to give that cool effect.

It makes my photographer heart sing when my clients trust me to pose and style them in a way that I know will make gorgeous photos. For ideas for poses for your Boudoir Session, check out my Pinterest PageSugaShoc Photography Birthday Boudoir pose kneeling on bed wearing fishnet stockings SugaShoc Photography Birthday Boudoir pose close-up of breasts

To the Dark Side

Once we finished in “bedroom”, we came to my studio light space to pose against my dark gray backdrop. I think that the darkness of the color made her creamy skin come alive.  She looked amazing posed on my stool wearing a red teddy. For added motion effect, I use my large fan to create a ton of movement to her hair.  She looked super sexy and confident in the side shot with her wearing the studio’s black polka dot lace body suit.  Her confident eye contact definitely made the photo extra hot.

SugaShoc Photography Birthday Boudoir pose sitting on stool wearing red lace teddy SugaShoc Photography Birthday Boudoir pose side shot wearing black lace bodysuit and heels

We decided to have a little fun with some more of my black lace outfits. SugaShoc Boudoir has an extensive wardrobe that our clients can use. I love providing a wardrobe for my clients because I want my clients to save their money on their photos and not on expensive lingerie they may not use again. For a look at some of my clothes, check out my Boudoir Portfolio Page.

My client use my black lace robe with a pair of underwear she brought. I think that showing off your body shows such a sense of self confidence and it made her fall in love with her body all over again. She also posed wearing my black lace top. What a beautiful woman and I am glad that I was able to give her this wonderful experience and these stunning photos that she’s so excited to give to her husband.

SugaShoc Photography Birthday Boudoir pose wearing open black lace robe standing SugaShoc Photography Birthday Boudoir pose standing wearing black lace top and panties

A Present to Remember

Once she saw the final photos, she fell in love with herself all over again. Embracing her body, face, facial expressions, curves, tattoos. Seeing herself in these photos, it reminded herself why she did this session in the first place. To celebrate her, to empower her self love. When you love yourself, you love everyone a little bit more.

Have you been seeking a long term investment to realize your individual beauty? Don’t wait! Please contact me now to schedule your Boudoir Session today.

SugaShoc Photography Birthday Boudoir pose kneeling on bed naked booty shot

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