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Newborn Photography is my Passion. It is why I started my photography journey in the first place. Newborns are only newborns for a very short period of time. Capture and remember those tiny, beautiful moments as soon as possible before the moment passes forever….

Newborn Photography is such a rewarding job, because I get to help capture these first precious moments for my clients. The best time to photograph a newborn baby is when they are between 5-14 days of age. After this small window, babies are a little harder to settle and those sweet, sleepy, curly poses can be more difficult to achieve.

You can contact me at any time during your pregnancy to give me an estimated due date. I will then make a tentative booking, and when you arrive home from the hospital with your brand new baby, please contact me to arrange a suitable day and time for your session. Newborn photography sessions can take 2-3 hours, allowing enough time for feeding and comforting.

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macro shot of newborn faceSugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA-5newborn froggy posenewborn bum up posenewborn in bedSugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA-5newborn smilingSugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA_newborn_posing_ideasbaby in dad
newborn in bowlnewborn in bedSugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA_newborn_coconut_vintage_container_newborn_posing_ideasSugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA-5macro shot of newborn handsSugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA_newborn_posing_ideasSugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA-5SugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA-2-2SugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA posing in a bucket newborn posing ideasSugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA_smiling_newborn_curved_bench_posing_ideas
newborn baby girl smiling froggy pose sugashoc_photography_newborn_photographer_bucks_county_pa_doylestown_paSugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA_newborn_on_lounger_with_sleepy_shimmer_tie_backmacro shot of newborn feetSugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA_newborn_posing_ideasSugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA_newborn_posing_ideasnewborn with dadSugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA_newborn_in_baseball_glove_posing_ideasSugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA_newborn_posing_ideasSugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA-2-2SugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA posing in a bowl newborn posing ideas
newborn_portrait_session_in_nest_doylestown_pa_njSugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA_NEWBORN_PUZZLE_BOWL_posing_ideas_mint_fluffSugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA_newborn_posing_ideasnewborn on guitar compositeSugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA_newborn_natural_wood_backgroundSugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA_newborn_posing_ideasnewborn froggy pose black and whiteSugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Twins_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA_newborn_twins_posing_ideasSugaShoc_Photography_Newborn_Photographer_Bucks_County_PA_Doylestown_PA posing in a bowl newborn posing ideas


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