Newborn Photographer Bucks County PA Doylestown PA Baby Lena

I am such a lucky newborn photographer. I have such beautiful clients. Baby Lena was such a dream to work with. When I placed her in the froggy pose, she automatically held her hands up as if to say, ok, I like this position, make me beautiful. It was the cutest thing! We placed a Sleepy Shimmer Sophia Crown on her and then, she was happy. She was so sweet, curly and moldable. Little nudges here and there and she was the perfect little posey princess. Mom brought the little giraffe that we incorporated into her maternity session and I just had to put Lena in my newborn bed to pose them both. Laying there, she looked so perfect. Her head of hair was so soft and had a mind of it’s own. I called it princess hair. I have no doubt that she is the luckiest little girl to have such wonderful parents. Meet baby Lena.

Rosebud Tieback from Sleepy Shimmer , Felted headscarf and wrap by me, Newborn Slouchie Beanie hat by A Piece of the Plan



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