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How to navigate Google+ and to improve your SEO

So it’s all over Facebook. Almost everyone in the photography industry is moving away from Facebook and leaning towards Google+. The photographs look better, the ability to share with the world is easier, and most importantly, it improves your SEO. So why not? Give it a try. Here’s a simple tutorial I drummed up to help everyone navigate Google, set up their Google+ page and get it up and running.

Everyone I know has a Gmail account. If you have one, just login to your Gmail, click on the top right box that has little squares and your google+ profile will pop up. If you haven’t updated your profile, please do so. Add any and all your social media links to it so it is easy for people to find you and to find out what you do.


To do this, after you click on the Google+ link, go to the top left and hover over “Home”. Click on Profile.


It will bring you to your personal Google+ page. Click on the “About” tab to add all your information. The important part of this is to add in all

your social media links to the links area.


Once you have everything updated, go back and over the “Home” tab at top right and click on “Pages”. You will be able to create a page or navigate to a page you have already created. After you have created a page, you can go in and manage the page. It will bring you to the dashboard where you will be able to see how many views your page has received, how many click-throughs to your website you have received, and it will also let you go in to edit your business information.


Once you go in to edit your information, you will be able to add your business address, website, phone, etc. Remember when you set up your Google+ business page, be sure to enter in your valid address. If you do not, you will not be able to receive a postcard from Google with a code on it to verify your account. Make sure all of this is accurate as this will affect how you place on Google search. If you do not want your business address public, just make sure you have the “


If you want to switch between your business and your personal profiles, go to the top right and click your profile image. Your other pages will pop up.


If you want to navigate to your main page and see what it will look like to the public, click on your business name in your dashboard and it will take you there. Here, you can post pictures, links, texts, videos, anything your heart desires.


Remember when you do a post, always use appropriate hashtags and links to your website. After you do a post, share it with all your circles. You can switch between your personal profiles and your business profiles so you can share with all of circles.

If you are a photographer and you blog with WordPress, install the plugin Publicize. Have it share your blog link automatically with your Facebook , LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google+, etc. Remember to link both your personal and your business pages so you get visibility on both. Google authorship also increases your SEO. That way, all you have to do after you finish a blog post is go in and edit the posts on Facebook and Google+ to your liking. Adding more text, adding hashtags, etc. After I do this, I usually go back to my blog post and pin images directly from the blog post so my Pinterest followers can see my favorite images.

When you network and follow other people’s pages, you should follow and +1 with your personal and your business profiles. When u do a post from your personal profile and share it with your business page, it actually increases your visibility and authorship with google. It is very important if u blog or have a website. The more interactions u have, the higher ranked u will be on google. Also, when u put someone in your circle, it enables you to share your content with them and also to email them if you want to. A +1 is a “like” much like on Facebook but it is more powerful because Google captures that information. When you Follow someone, it means, you want their information and what they post to show up on your stream.

For tips on how to obtain a custom Google+ url like mine:, please see click on this tutorial from Google.

I am no expert but this is how I got my Google+ business page up and running and I hope this will help you out in some way. Please feel free to follow me, +1 me, and I will return the favor! Let’s all join in and help each other out!


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  • Diane Bartoo - Great information, thanks for writing this up! One question. Is the google+ business page like facebook business page in that you can’t add people to the business circles, they must follow you? How do they find you?ReplyCancel

    • sugashoc - Diane, that is a good question. You will have to post something on your business page, switch profiles to your personal profile and then share it. This is why I like to push my blog posts and pictures on both my personal and my business so I get visibility on both. Also, when you add people to your circles, you can share with them and sometimes email them as well.ReplyCancel

  • becky - Thanks for sharing this! I couldn’t get the link to publicize to work and I can’t find it on the plug in named something else? Thanks so much for sharing all that you know about google+!!!ReplyCancel

    • sugashoc - Becky, go into your dashboard in wordpress and search jetpack. Install that and then go into the jetpack and customize your publicize settings. This is where you will add all your social media links.ReplyCancel

  • Carla - Great info. But still trying to clarify a couple things. Do you follow, circle, +1 others pages and profiles from YOUR business or personal profile or both? Is one better over the other?

    Also, are you saying you post the same things to BOTH your google +business page and personal profile?ReplyCancel

    • sugashoc - Carla, yes that is what I do now. I am not certain it is correct but I like to be able to reach the people who are following me. So I circle their personal profile and their business profile if they have already added me to their circles. This way, when I post on my personal and business page, I can share with all circles easily. My blogs are set to automatically publish to both the personal and the business profiles. I do this because it creates authorship that Google loves so much.
      You need both profiles for your business to be successful. The personal profile is there for you to build relationships. Talk about stuff, yourself, etc. google likes to know you are a real person. That way, if you recommend something on your business profile it will transfer the mojo onto your business.ReplyCancel

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  • krista lund - thank you for sharing this!! I installed Publicize on my WP blog. I now have share buttons on my blog posts, but will my blog posts automatically post on my Google+ page(s)?ReplyCancel

  • Brianna - Thanks for the tips!ReplyCancel

  • Danielle - These are some great tips on Google+ for photographers or any business owners. Thank you for all the great advice.ReplyCancel

  • Madeline - Great information for photographers on how to take advantage of Google +! Thank you for sharing!ReplyCancel

  • Melanie - Great blog post! There was a lot of great info in there for all photographers!ReplyCancel

  • Allison - Awesome advice!! Thank you so so so very much!ReplyCancel

  • Andrea - Great info, thanks Candi! I have had all this done but was interested in the part about Publicize. That would seem to minimize steps! When I clicked on your ink provided it actually gave an error but sent me to “jetpack” I guss that has publicize in it. After searching I can’t find just Publicize. Did you use the whole jetpack plugin? Thanks!ReplyCancel

    • sugashoc - Hi Andrea, you have to install Jetpack first and go in and add Publicize. After you add it, you will have to add your info for all your google+ accounts, facebook, twitter, etc. let me know if have any further questions.ReplyCancel

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