Why your personal and business Google profiles are important

Today let’s talk about why your personal and business google profiles are important. You need both to be successful and to show up in Google searches. Your personal profile should be used to build your personality, fan base, your overall brand. Talk about why you love what you do, give tips and suggestions. Once you have some followers under your belt, you can then share your business pages with them and ask them to follow and +1 your business profile. Your business profile will house all your business information. Please keep this updated as it is important if you want to show up in google map searches.

Here is an example of how my personal profile is showing up in google searches. When I type in newborn photographer 18902, this is what pops up. See how my profile picture is right next to the post? It stands out in a sea of links. It is important to set up Publicize in WordPress so you can accomplish this. When I publish a blog, the links get posted to both my personal and my business Google profile pages. Google likes to know who is posting content on the web and it rewards those of us who are transparent.


Secondly, when I type in a search for newborn photography bucks county under maps, this is what shows up. It shows my contact info, my reviews, and my website.


If you click on reviews, it will take you directly to your Google+ page where your reviews are. Google reviews are very important. It shows people who are searching for a photographer how reliable you are, what kind of service they will be getting, etc. I always send the review link to my clients asking for them to give me a review as it will help my business in more ways than one.


How would you get the link to the review? Here is what you do. When you go to your page, click on the About tab. Click on Write a Review. When the review box pops up, copy and paste the URL above and that is the link you will be handing out every chance you get.


I hope these little tips help you to build your business and to increase your chances of getting found on Google.

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