Family Photographer in Bucks County

I love photographing families. Especially when they look as beautiful as this family 🙂 As a family photographer in bucks county, I have many places where I love to go for a session but I think this is my favorite! It is quiet, there are always runners going by but it always looks like we are the only ones here and the sunsets are gorgeous. Beauty like this reminds me everyday how lucky we are to be alive. Treasure every moment, capture every moment, because once it passes, only a beautiful photograph will bring back those lovely memories.

SugaShoc_Photography_Family_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA_family_by_lake_at_sunset_with_babySugaShoc_Photography_Family_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA_family_by_lake_at_sunset_with_baby_laughingSugaShoc_Photography_Family_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA_family_under_trees_with_babySugaShoc_Photography_Family_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA_family_walking_by_lakeSugaShoc_Photography_Family_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA_family_walking_by_lake_at_sunset


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