Family Maternity in Doylestown

This glowing mom reached out and asked if we could coordinate her maternity and newborn photo shoots. She wanted similar lighting and backgrounds in both shoots, which I loved! Color coordinating and planning maternity & newborn sessions are one of my favorite things to do. Using a lot of whites, light pinks and mauve, as well as plenty of texture, we were able to create the family photographs of her dreams.

Mother and daughter family maternity shoot outdoors at sunset.
Newborn baby girl in studio photo shoot using pinks and textured backdrops.
Newborn baby girl sleeping photo shoot on white backdrop.
Newborn baby girl photo shoot in studio with floral.

A Mother’s Vision

One of the things I liked most about this shoot was that mom wanted a little bit of everything. She asked for all white backlit images, gorgeous white angel wings, outdoor sunset shots, and large textured rugs. She walked into each session with a specific vision and plan. These photographs are not just a representation of her style, but also of the amount of attention and love that we put in to plan this session.

Every client who books with SugaShoc Photography gets a personalized consultation planning session where we go over each and every detail of their session. We go over shots they love, colors they love, outfits for the whole family, and any other ideas they may have. This consultation meeting is so important because we want to make sure that each and every image that we create is a work of art.

Mother with angel wings and daughter in studio maternity shoot.
Older sister and newborn sister dressed in white against textured blankets.
Newborn baby girl in studio photo shoot using pinks and textured backdrops.
In studio mother and newborn photo shoot with white outfits and backdrop.
Mother and two daughters family shot from above angle.

A Family’s Bond

Newborn photo shoots are never complete without sharing the lens with the family. When she came with her older daughter, and mother, I got so excited. Multi generational photographs are incredibly special. They show how important family is and how much love there is to go around.

Multi generational family newborn photo shoot portrait style.
Mother and daughter family newborn photo shoot portrait style.
Sister and newborn sister newborn wrapped in white swaddle.

Mom’s Time To Shine

As important as showing off the entire family is, we had to make sure we captured mom’s own beauty. Every move she made was just so graceful that it was easy to tell she truly enjoys being pregnant. Her demeanor was passed down to her two daughters as well. Both the oldest and newborn were just so easy to work with. The baby was a joy to work with and let us position her so we could get the perfect shot.

Mother and daughter maternity photo shoot in elegant gowns.
Mother and daughter family maternity shoot outdoors at sunset.
Maternity shoot outdoors at sunset.

When the whole family left my studio, I had to take a moment to myself to reflect how extraordinary the session was. They were all different people and different ages, but they all treasured each other. I know these children will be raised in a home full of love, laughter, and respect.

Newborn baby girl swaddled in white blankets surrounded by greenery and cream accents.

If you are looking to book your own newborn, maternity or family session, please send me a message. Feel to browse through my portfolio and blog for more inspiration.

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