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I so enjoyed doing a boudoir photo shoot for this amazing client. I love bringing out people’s natural beauty and showing women how gorgeous and sexy they can be! Sometimes, especially with our culture’s emphasis on youth and slim trim figures, it can take a leap of courage to book a beauty session for yourself. You might ask yourself: Am I young enough? Thin enough? Pretty enough?

The answer to all of the above is a resounding yes! I believe that all women are beautiful and should be able to feel good about themselves, regardless of age or body shape. That’s one reason I was so proud of this client for believing enough in herself and her beauty to book a session.

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She told me she’d thought about doing a boudoir photo shoot because she believed, like I do, that they can build up and empower women. But she never felt quite brave enough to take the plunge.

But all of that changed recently. She said, “I recently went through a divorce and lost a lot of weight. When I hit my goal size, I decided to book a session with Candy. Although I felt nowhere near perfect, I decided to book a date and just do it, although I was nervous the whole week leading up to it. When I got to the studio, I knew I made the right decision. Not only was Candy’s studio beautiful, but she and Nicole made me feel beautiful and at ease the whole time.”

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Thinking About a Boudoir Photo Shoot?

If you’re thinking about it, you should absolutely do it! A couple of the common concerns clients bring up are age and body shape or weight. I believe true beauty is timeless. If you’re a mature woman, it simply means your beauty has stood the test of time, and I would love to show you how stunning you still are and always will be. And if you’re not sure about your body shape or weight–you will be when you get your finished photos! In my opinion, the best time to book a boudoir photo shoot is when you aren’t totally in love with your body–because a professional boudoir photographer can help you learn to love yourself again.

What are you waiting for? Contact me today to book your boudoir photography session and show yourself some love!

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