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Hope for my Children – Bucks County Photographer | Doylestown, PA

We finally had a HUGE snow day after such a weird and warm winter. Although I did love having a warm winter to go out strolling after big dinners during the holidays, I was secretly wishing for snow on Christmas Day. How does a massive snow storm drum up such sentimental thoughts like hope for my children? Growing up in Singapore, it was always 80-100 degrees all year round so I never got to play in the snow as a kid. Something that a lot of people take for granted. So when we do get it, I love snow. I love the fact that my children will get to experience it like I never did when I was little. Sledding, falling down in the snow and laying there, knowing it will be difficult to get up but it will be so much fun to try. Eating snow, the delicious feeling of it melting on your tongue and knowing that it just came from the sky. It all seems so magical.

I became part of a blog circle this month and it was the perfect time to use it to force myself to take my camera out more. I had to capture my boys playing in the first snow of the season. I wanted to capture their innocence, their love of life, their pure joy at something so simple. It was so much fun watching them appreciate the snow and when they came in all cold and tired, they had a warm cup of hot chocolate waiting for them. I hope that they will remember the feel of the snow melting on their tongue. I hope that they will remember their excitement of waking up in the morning and seeing the blanket of white snow, squealing in delight because they know they will get to go play in it. I hope they will remember the pure joy and exhilaration of jumping on a sled and flying down a small hill. I hope that these memories are the ones that they will recall when they are all grown up, and they see the first snow flake hit the ground…..

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Holiday Mini Sessions 2015

Book your Holiday Mini Sessions just in time to use the images for your Holiday cards. Please come dress in your finest holiday outfits or come in your favorite PJs.

This year, SugaShoc Photography will be doing Holiday Mini Session at a Christmas Tree Farm! We will be providing fun Holiday props but please feel free to bring blankets, your children’s favorite stuffed toys, or lovies, or your favorite mugs for pretend Hot Chocolate. Holiday Mini Sessions are $175, for 20-25 mins, and includes 5 high resolution digital files available via Google Drive download.You will receive an online gallery for you to pick your images and once they have been edited, they will be available for download. If you should decide to purchase the entire gallery, it will be an additional $99.

Holiday Mini Sessions are great for individual families or siblings up to 3. Please email me at [email protected] if you have more than 3 kids to see if we can accommodate. As soon as you pay for your session, I will be emailing you a standard photography agreement and the location of your Holiday Mini Session. Please look out for that email. Please arrive 5-10 mins prior to your scheduled session time as I will be starting and ending on time.

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Family Photographer Bucks County PA | Doylestown PA

Meet my best friend in Singapore. We met in Junior College and have been thick as thieves ever since. Every time I go back to Singapore to visit, we hang out and it seems no time has passed. I miss her so much and I wish she would get off her butt and come and visit me!!! We did a family session at West Coast Park during sunset and it was so much fun. I rented the 70-200mm lens for the session and kinda fell in love with it. The bokeh it can achieve is kinda awesome! Oh well, a girl can dream…..

Oh and as you can see from the last image, baby Sonya was not bored. That’s just her way of saying yeah, my photographer rocks!

Meet my beautiful friend and her gorgeous family!



Family Photographer in Bucks County PA

This family was one of my mini sessions and we had such fun at Groth Hill Farm. The kids just loved the horses, the donkey, and the cats. I especially loved the one of the family in front of the red barn. It was so beautiful and rustic and Dad was the one who requested the picture. I love when Dads are so enthusiastic about capturing memories for their family. It makes for the perfect session when everyone is having fun and of course, it results in beautiful portraits that they can treasure for a lifetime. SugaShoc_Photography_Family_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA_mini_session_outdoor_parents_with_daughterSugaShoc_Photography_Family_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA_mini_session_outdoor_mom_with_daughter_at_barn_with_horseSugaShoc_Photography_Family_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA_mini_session_outdoor_family_posed_in_front_of_red_barnSugaShoc_Photography_Family_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA_mini_session_outdoor_kids_feeding_animalSugaShoc_Photography_Family_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA_mini_session_outdoor_kids_feeding_animalSugaShoc_Photography_Family_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA_mini_session_outdoor_kids_feeding_animal


Family Photographer in Bucks County

Although it was cold out this day at sunset, this family hardly showed it. The kids were so happy and smiled at my many tricks to get them to laugh at me. I tend to act a little goofy around kids. They seem to think I am so silly and it does make for some beautiful natural smiles.

SugaShoc_Photography_Family_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA_outdoor_family_session_at_sunsetSugaShoc_Photography_Family_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA_outdoor_family_session_at_sunsetSugaShoc_Photography_Family_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA_outdoor_family_session_mom_and_daughter_posed_by_lakeSugaShoc_Photography_Family_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA_outdoor_family_session_at_sunsetSugaShoc_Photography_Family_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA_outdoor_family_session_father_and_children_at_water_sunset