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Cake Smash in Neutral Tones

Newborn photography is my first love! Being able to watch these little guys grow is a very close second.  I adore having my former newborn clients come back for their child’s 1st Birthday milestone, in the form of a cake smash photo session.  I love seeing how much they have changed throughout that first year.  Using neutral tones for a cake smash session, I feel really puts emphasis on all those changes by making their gorgeous 1 year old features the focus of the photo. To view even more adorable cake smash photos, please visit my SugaShoc Instagram page.

 Cake Smash Session

Cake Smash Session

Cake Smash Session

Accessories and Props make a Photo Pop

I think when some people hear neutral tones for a cake smash they think bland and boring.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The neutral base is a great starting pallet to give the photos a clean, timeless look.  I can customize the photos with accessories and props that make the photos pop.  This family chose to add a yellow crown displaying their little ones age and of course the adorable bowtie.  I mean, who doesn’t love a little boy in a bowtie?!?!

Crown for a Cake Smash Session

Neutral Cake Smash Session

A Cake Smash Session is SOOOO much more than just a Cake Smash

Cake Smash Sessions no matter what tones or theme you choose are so much more than just pictures of your little one eating cake.  You will have access to other amazing setups to showcase how much your little one has grown.  Family photos are also included as well because as any parents will tell you, making it through that first year is reason for everyone to celebrate.

To see the variety of photos, set-ups and different photo sessions available through SugaShoc visit my Cake Smash page.

Neutral Set Up

Neutral Set Up

Neutral Set Up

Family Photo

At the end of day, whether you choose neutral tones, a whimsical theme, or huge pops of color, any photos from a SugaShoc Cake Smash Session will come out beautifully because your little one will be the focus.  For information on how to get started on designing your little ones Cake Smash Photo Session, contact us here.

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