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Family Photo Shoot

I love beach photography sessions. The windy, salty sea air, the feel of the sand beneath my toes, and of course the beautiful sunsets. One of my favorite spots to shoot is right at the end of West Cliff Drive on Santa Cruz Beach. The beautiful and large rock structures right on the beach really make for great backdrops. We had so much fun during this family photo shoot, changing tutus, chasing the waves and seagulls, I really didn’t want it to end! We shot until it was way too dark and the sun had set but I think we created some wonderful memories…..

Beautiful tutu’s from Ms. Madeline’s Tutus


Little Red Riding Hood Themed Photography Session

I just did a Little Red Riding Hood Themed Photography Session and my lovely friend’s beautiful daughter was the model. We were up at Picchetti Winery and the day was gorgeous. Only had a few minutes to shoot as it was close to the kids’ lunch and nap time. I might want to go out again to try it with a basket of flowers. Might be cute… Lily was just so cooperative and sweet. Just did what we told her to do and never fussed except towards the end. Love her…