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I have been photographing newborns for about 6 years now and this is the first year that I am offering a Newborn Mini session. I was hesitant to offer this at first because newborns can be very unpredictable. If the temperature of the room is not just right, if baby is hungry, or has an upset tummy, and needs a longer soothing time, it could greatly increase the time spent in the studio. However, after all these years, I have learnt one thing. A wrapped baby is a happy one.

The newborn mini session is a one hour photo shoot and includes 10 high resolution files available via download. I usually deliver between 30-60 images in your newborn gallery, and you pick your favorites from there. I absolutely love my newborn mini sessions because I can usually get a huge variety in your gallery with little to no fussing from the little ones, and it gives me a better chance to pose and photograph your newborn. This type of session is also perfect for older newborns because the session is mostly wrapped, and the diaper doesn’t come off the entire session.

Although the newborn mini session is only one hour, I find that because baby is wrapped, I am able to get a variety of poses and angles of your baby. I start with the potato sack pose, then I lay down baby down on the flokati, and then we move to other props like our newborn bed or an antique crate. Next, I unwrap your little one down to the second wrap and switch props and color scheme if desired. After that, I move to pose your baby in a bowl, half wrapped, and if there is time and baby is still sleepy and settled, we will attempt some beanbag poses. Please take a look at my newborn portfolio and see what kinds of poses we can attempt during the deluxe newborn session.

When I first started doing these, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get very much in an hour as my deluxe newborn sessions are usually 3 hours long. My deluxe newborn sessions include family and sibling photos, and I also attempt more challenging poses like the froggy pose, the head on hands pose, the bum up pose, the side laying pose, and the taco pose. My deluxe newborn sessions are not usually wrapped, and we do more props and more beanbag poses. Unwrapped babies tend to need more soothing, more feeding, and may be more alert, so that is why it is a longer session.

I love both types of newborn sessions for very different reasons and that is why I am so excited that I am able to offer both choices to my clients. I would love the opportunity to photograph your new addition, so please contact me to schedule your newborn session today.

Check out what I managed to accomplish in an hour. Isn’t her smile the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?

Flokati from Luneberry, Headbands from Goodnight Moon, Pooks & Lulu, Wraps from Cloth Apothecary, Bonnet from Joie De Knits, Curls from Cwitchicoo, Bed, Bowl, & Fur from Original PhotoblocksSugaShoc Photography Newborn Photographer Bucks County PA Doylestown PA smiling newborn potato sack pose on flokatiPINIMAGESugaShoc Photography Newborn Photographer Bucks County PA Doylestown PA newborn potato sack pose on flokati black and whitePINIMAGESugaShoc Photography Newborn Photographer Bucks County PA Doylestown PA laying down newborn potato sack pose on flokatiPINIMAGESugaShoc Photography Newborn Photographer Bucks County PA Doylestown PA laying down newborn potato sack pose on flokatiPINIMAGESugaShoc Photography Newborn Photographer Bucks County PA Doylestown PA close up newborn potato sack pose on flokatiPINIMAGESugaShoc Photography Newborn Photographer Bucks County PA Doylestown PA newborn wrapped in bedPINIMAGESugaShoc Photography Newborn Photographer Bucks County PA Doylestown PA newborn wrapped in bedPINIMAGESugaShoc Photography Newborn Photographer Bucks County PA Doylestown PA newborn wrapped in bowlPINIMAGESugaShoc Photography Newborn Photographer Bucks County PA Doylestown PA newborn wrapped in bowlPINIMAGE

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Having your baby turn one is such an amazing milestone in their life. I love watching my clients grow from a teeny, tiny newborn to a walking, talking one year-old.  And the most fantastic way to celebrate turning one is with a gorgeous Cake Smash session!

I love designing my cake smash sessions. First, I have my clients choose a color palette or a theme and then we go from there. We work together to find vendors to supply the decorations and we work together to find a cake design and different outfits that would match the theme. I provide all the outfits for the pre-cake smash and my parents usually provide the cake smash outfit as it can get quite messy!

This may be one of my favorite cake smash sessions ever! I found a vendor called The Land of Flowers, who made paper flowers that would match the color palette, and then, I hung the beautiful paper flowers in the background in addition to garlands of vines and accompanied the scene with bunches of fresh yellow flowers.  This little beauty wore outfits and headbands from Dollcake and Goodnight Moon. And the finishing touch was a gorgeous yellow ombre cake from The Lucky Cupcake Company. The tree stump is a favorite and it is from Intuition Backgrounds. Take a look at my gallery for cake smash session theme ideas for your session.

The best part of the photoshoot is always the cake. This baby girl loved getting her hands into the frosting, and even got some on her toes! Look at her beautiful smile as she enjoys her first taste of cake. She could not be happier and I was thrilled that I got to photograph this memorable moment in her precious life.

The first year of life for your baby goes so quickly and before you know it, your little bundle of joy is turning one. Cake Smash photo sessions are a great way to capture this event. Contact me to book your little one’s session today.

A fun tip: These photo sessions can be done prior to their child’s first birthday to use the photos for either the invitation or thank you card, or even have the photos on display during the party itself.




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  • Melissa Avey - Oh my goodness these are beautiful! Your photos are incredible and I love seeing all of your sessions, especially this cake smash!ReplyCancel

  • JYOTSNA BHAMIDIPATI - Oh my! what an adorable little sweetheart!!! Love all the images of her cake smash!ReplyCancel

  • Briony - I cannot get enough of this session, the adorable little girl and the set up is gorgeous!!ReplyCancel

  • Kara - This is adorable! When I have kids I want to take them to a session like this!ReplyCancel

All babies are beautiful, and so so cute, however, editing newborn skin is one of the toughest parts of being a newborn photographer. When babies first come out, their skin might not be as flawless as you thought. Newborn skin complexions often show up blotchy or their baby blemishes may be intensified in the photos. Newborn skin can sometimes be tough to edit in photos, but with a lot of extra care and time, I make sure that your little one’s skin looks flawless.

Most parents want their newborn’s photos to look as perfect as possible so I meticulously hand edit each and every image to give your precious baby a nice, creamy skin tone. This little snuggly bundle had baby acne very early on but it cleared up 4 weeks after her session. Her skin now is absolutely perfect but because we wanted to capture her when she was still a newborn, we had to do the session before she turned 14 days old. With some magic in photoshop, I was able to transform her skin and show off her angelic, glowing complexion under all the acne. Because I love what I do so much, I want every image to be perfect for all my clients! Please take a peek at my Newborn gallery to see all the beautiful babies I have had the honor of photographing.

Contact me to schedule your newborn’s photography session today.

Bed by THE ORIGINAL PHOTOBLOCKS, Layer by CwtchiCoo, Wrap and headband from Joie de Knits, Bunny by By Aniek – Stuffies, White Pillow by Pooks & LuLu, White Backdrop from Roses & Ruffles, Headband from Goodnight Moon, Bed by Petit Cheri, Cream Pillow by DaddyMack Designs, Cream wood backdrop from Intuition by Becky.



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As a Boudoir Photographer, I have the privilege of capturing how gorgeous and confident you can feel in your body. My goal is to bring out the gorgeous, confident woman you are, inside and out. I want to make you feel sexy and empowered in your skin. I want my clients to leave my boudoir photo shoot loving themselves even more than when they came in.

Any shape, any size, your body is beautiful. Embrace it.

I think that curvy women are some of the most gorgeous women to photograph.  There is nothing sexier than a woman who embraces her body and feels confident showing off her shape. No matter the size, women need to flaunt their figures and know that they are beautiful inside and out. Take a peek at my Boudoir Gallery. You can see that I love to photograph all body types and I feel that they are all sexy. A Boudoir photography session is a special time to get in touch with your body and have fun showing how fearless you can be wearing lingerie, or nothing at all.

Adore Me is a fabulous site for finding that something sexy for your boudoir photo shoot. Their goal is to create lingerie that makes women feel sexy without sacrificing comfort. They want to create lingerie that looks as good alone as it does under your clothes. My client wore the Kaye Plus and Raegan Plus ensembles from their Plus Size collection. Great lingerie should almost feel like an extension of yourself — it should suit your personality and give you that extra boost of confidence. As Adore Me says “It’s not what you take off, it’s what you leave on.”

So whether in gorgeous lingerie or bare-skinned, I love capturing the beauty of all woman with Boudoir Photography. Contact me to book your Boudoir session.


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Elective 3D-4D ultrasound sessions are becoming more popular for expecting families. You may wonder “Why should I get one?” or “What is it all about?”

Having a baby is one of the most special times in our life, and there are many emotions felt by every member of the family. Because I feel so strongly about getting a 3D-4D ultrasound done, I have partnered with Bond Before Birth to spread the word on what the ultrasound experience can bring to your family.

Bringing the family together for a 3D-4D ultrasound helps each person bond with the baby before baby is even born. A 3D-4D ultrasound can benefit the family in many ways. It can make the pregnancy more real, it can be reassuring for parents to see baby, or it can be a chance for siblings to meet their little brother or sister. The bonding session is a wonderful family activity and it makes the family even more excited to meet the baby in person!

At Bond Before Birth 3D-4D Ultrasound, their scanning room is set up with comfortable seating for up to 8 guests.  Their warm gel and carefully selected playlist creates a soothing environment. Each session is performed by a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer licensed in OB/GYN Ultrasound.  They are trained to recognize if anything of concern should be discussed with your doctor.

At Bond Before Birth, they understand that families have crazy schedules, and have some evening and weekend appointments available.  They have affordable packages available for 11 – 34 weeks gestation. To find out more about them, and to find a package that is right for you, visit their website, call (267) 334-1233, or email [email protected]

You can see my maternity and newborn work at Bond Before Birth offices.

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