Beautiful Sunset Photography Session at Mono Lake

Fear like anything else, will consume you if you let it. Something happened to me today and my reaction was one of retreat. I need to remember to fight for what I want and to always believe in myself. The following event that took place changed my life and the way I saw the world.

It is so funny how a Beautiful Sunset Photography Session at Mono Lake can turn out to be life changing for me. Something that probably happens everyday at Mono Lake made such an impact on me. Pure exhilaration and excitement were the two words best described by my experience. My first ever visit to Mono Lake and it was perfect. I cannot wait to dive into my edits, but here is my first one. I am in awe. I cannot ever remember feeling something so strong while standing in the midst of such beauty. I felt so alive just standing there. Now every time I look at this photograph, it will remind me of the feeling I had that I don’t ever want to forget….



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