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After the rain, we always look for the rainbow. Something joyful and positive to make up for the gloom of the storm. When a couple has a baby after the loss or losses of other children, we want to celebrate this love – their Rainbow Baby. As a Doylestown Newborn Photographer, I want to help you remember the joy of this new life in your family by having a Newborn Session. Contact me to schedule your Newborn Session.

Here’s a sneak peek into my latest  Rainbow Newborn Session.

Sunshine after the Rain – Newborn Session Bucks County PA | Doylestown Newborn Photographer

My client and her husband did not have any easy road on the way to parenthood. After many heartbreaking losses, they happily conceived a beautiful baby girl.  I was honored when they first chose me to photograph their Maternity Session, and then they chose me again as their Doylestown Newborn Photographer to capture little baby Brooke.

I was excited to give this couple a beautiful Newborn Session. The session was scheduled when Brooke was 5 weeks old because she was born early and had to spend some time in the NICU. Even though she was older than the maximum 2 week old window that I usually recommend to my clients, Brooke was a dream! For posing ideas for your Newborn Session, please check out my Portfolio Page. I loved posing her in my wooden bucket from The Original Photoblocks Props with a pink fur throw from Luneberry for texture.  It’s the perfect mix of rustic and girly!

Her little cheecks were too perfect as she slept not to photograph them. They were so round and pink. I love doing close-ups of my newborns as they peacefully sleep.Doylestown Newborn Photographer close-up newborn cheeks

Little Sleeper

She looked precious dreaming away in my little wooden bed by Rozzi Rayne. Her hands behind her head and her little pout were almost too much. To add some softness to the set-up, I used a lace trimmed blanket by TFJ Designs and added some fresh tulips beside her bed.  She also looked adorable in my antique white bucket with fresh hydrangea. To see all my different prop and set-ups, please check out my Pinterest Page.
Brooke really was the cutest sleeper, so I wanted to pose her without props. I posed her sleeping with just a delicate white nightcap from Pooks & LuLu on while laying on a soft, white backdrop from Roses and Ruffles. I can only imagine the perfect dreams she was having. Finally, I wanted to get her in the froggy pose.  I loved the white, flower headband  from Lace & WildFlower on her as she blissfully dozed.
Doylestown Newborn Photographer baby girl froggy pose

Hello World

Brooke did decided to wake up for a bit to check out the photo shoot.  She was very curious about my camera and what I was doing.  Although most people adore the sleeping poses, I like to get a few of them awake. I had her in a cute light green outfit from Pooks and Lulu to let her beautiful eyes to pop.  They were so dark against her creamy skin, too cute!

Doylestown Newborn Photographer baby girl looking at camera on back

Three makes a family

Family poses are always a favorite of mine and I know for this family it meant a lot. Brooke decided to stay awake for these poses. I just love how little she looks in her father’s arms as he lovingly looks down on her. She’s definitely going to be a Daddy’s girl. They looked so complete as the three of them posed together. So much love there and I was so glad I got to be their Doylestown Newborn Photographer. I know that these will be photos they will cherish forever.

You can contact me at any time during your pregnancy to give me an estimated due date. I will then make a tentative booking, and when the babies are born, please contact me to arrange a suitable day and time for your newborn session. Newborn photography sessions can take 2-3 hours, allowing enough time for feeding and comforting. For any questions about my Newborn Sessions, please check out my FAQ’s.

I would love to be your Doylestown Newborn Photographer here in Bucks County, so please contact me to schedule your Newborn Session.

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