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Looking for the perfect wedding gift? There’s nothing sexier and more romantic than stunning photos of what he loves most–YOU! Wedding gift boudoir photography is the perfect way to celebrate your special day together.

This gorgeous bride wanted something sexy and special to share with her husband on their wedding day, and reached out to me to schedule a wedding gift boudoir photography session. It was wonderful getting to know her and hearing her love story!

She met her husband on OKCupid, before online dating became super common and Tinder and other phone apps were a thing. She said she was nervous about online dating, but she’d just moved and didn’t know anyone in the area, so thought she would give it a shot. Thank goodness she did! Taking a brave step into the world of online dating allowed her to meet her best friend–the person she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

As well as giving her husband an amazing gift on their special day, this client also wanted to invest in a wedding gift boudoir photography session for herself. In her own words, she wanted something she could “look back on in the future and think ‘Damn, I was hot!’ I think all women have to learn to be comfortable in their skin, and what better way than to strip down and feel sexy in front of a camera?”

I loved being able to help her create this unforgettable wedding gift and show her what a powerful, sexy, gorgeous woman she is!

Philly Area Boudoir Photography

Interested in boudoir photography? Whether it’s a gift for that special someone or simply a way to celebrate your own body and boost your self-esteem, I would love to help you create the perfect session. Not sure you’re ready? I always tell people that the best time to book a boudoir session is when you’re feeling a little unsure about yourself and your body. You are smokin’ hot and I can prove it! Contact me today to book your session!

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