Three Month Old Photography Session

I had the pleasure of having this beautiful family in my studio a couple of weeks ago. I cannot express how excited I was to photograph this beautiful baby boy. I know any three month old photography session is going to be a lot more difficult to capture than say a newborn or a 6 month old as you cannot pose a 3 month old like you would a newborn nor can you sit them up like a 6 month old might be able to.

When he arrived, he was so sleepy and we tried to put him in the nest as that is my safest and most stable prop. It is low to the ground and does not tip. I was hoping that he would stay asleep when we laid him in it but once I started to shoot and move his fingers around, he woke up and started posing for me! This beautiful boy stared at me and was mesmerized by the clicking of my camera, by the toys I was shaking and squeaking, and by my voice. He was such a doll and he was perfect throughout his entire session. I couldn’t be happier with what we managed to capture and so was his mama.

SugaShoc_Photography_Baby_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA_three_month_old_photography_session_collage

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