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Child Photographer Bucks County Doylestown PA Mo

Here’s my niece. Isn’t she beautiful? For her Christmas present this year, we gave her a styled photo shoot courtesy of me, and since she loved horses so much, a photo shoot with a horse and a horse back riding lesson! It was so cold out but she didn’t care. I couldn’t feel my fingers and toes but she kept saying she wasn’t cold. She wore my hat, my gloves, and my boots and after the session, she refused to take them off!

She loved her lesson at Groth Hill Farm and her teacher Lisa was such a joy to work with. We had a white horse for the first part of the photo session and we also did a session with her riding horse. We will probably have to do this every year because how in the world am I going to top this present?

SugaShoc_Photography_Family_Children_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA__session_with_horse_girl_with_fur_hatSugaShoc_Photography_Family_Children_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA__session_with_horse_nuzzling_girlSugaShoc_Photography_Family_Children_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA__girl_with_fur_hat_outdoorSugaShoc_Photography_Family_Children_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA__girl_with_fur_hat_outdoorSugaShoc_Photography_Family_Children_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA__girl_with_fur_hat_outdoor_riding_horseSugaShoc_Photography_Family_Children_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA__girl_with_fur_hat_outdoor_riding_horseSugaShoc_Photography_Family_Children_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA__girl_with_fur_hat_outdoor_horseSugaShoc_Photography_Family_Children_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA__girl_with_fur_hat_outdoor_horseSugaShoc_Photography_Family_Children_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA__girl_outdoor_horse


Family Photographer in Bucks County

I swear I have the most beautiful clients. This family was gorgeous! While they played with the horses at Groth Hill Farm, I snuck in a few posed shots while they still thought I was interesting to look at! Groth Hill Farm is so pretty in the fall and I the kids always have such fun playing with the horses and the donkey. I am in love with the contrast of the greens and browns with their gorgeous red hair….

SugaShoc_Photography_Children_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA_outdoor_family_session_at_the_farmSugaShoc_Photography_Children_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA_outdoor_family_session_at_the_farmSugaShoc_Photography_Children_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA_outdoor_family_session_at_the_farm_feeding_horseSugaShoc_Photography_Children_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA_outdoor_family_session_at_the_farm_siblings_in_grassSugaShoc_Photography_Children_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA_outdoor_family_session_at_the_farm


Family and Children Photographer in Bucks County

As a family photographer in Bucks County, I have a studio where I do my newborn photography, my baby photography and my family photography. These three adorable girls came to visit me today and boy was it a blast! Girls being girls, they all loved the camera. We posed, we propped, we danced and we laughed. I cannot wait until these girls come back for their spring pictures outside!

SugaShoc_Photography_Children_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA_girl_child_laying_on_white_rugSugaShoc_Photography_Children_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA_sisters_laying_on_bedSugaShoc_Photography_Children_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA_girl_posed_on_bed_pink_dressSugaShoc_Photography_Children_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA_girl_posed_on_bed_pink_dress_smilingSugaShoc_Photography_Children_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA_girl_posed_on_bed_pink_dress_smilingSugaShoc_Photography_Children_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA_girl_posed_on_bed_pink_dress


Fall Family Photography Session in Bucks County

I recently just moved to PA from CA and when I heard about the Chmel family, I knew I had to help somehow. Jason got diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM), an aggressive form of brain cancer in 2012 and he has been fighting it ever since.

I offered to help the Chmel family by donating my time to help them raise funds towards their cause. The love I witnessed between Jason and his wife Marissa during the family photography session was awe-inspiring. I hope I did them justice by trying to document their love and their family as I know they will cherish these memories for years to come.

Please help by sharing this and if everyone just gives a few dollars, I believe we can help this beautiful and loving family through this very hard time.

Unfortunately, he did not have health insurance at the time he got diagnosed. A year prior to his illness, he and his wife were both laid off from their jobs.  Jason was employed for 15 years and his wife for 10 years.  We need your help raising funds for Jason’s medical bills and other future expenses, so he can have one less burden on his shoulders. Please go to the You Caring site and donate to Jason’s Battle. All proceeds go toward helping the Chmel family. See more at: http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/jason-s-battle/71435


SugaShoc_Photography_Family_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA_boy_posed_with_fall_leavesSugaShoc_Photography_Family_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA_brothers_posed_with_fall_leaves_outdoorsSugaShoc_Photography_Family_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA_family_posed_with_fall_leaves_outdoorsSugaShoc_Photography_Family_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA_couple_posed_with_fall_leaves_outdoorsSugaShoc_Photography_Family_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA_family_posed_by_lakeSugaShoc_Photography_Family_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA_couple_posed_by_lakeSugaShoc_Photography_Family_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA_couple_posed_by_lake

My Birthday Boy!

My Cameron, my birthday boy is 2! I cannot believe it. It seemed like yesterday I was holding him in my arms in the hospital in California. He is crazy, he is cute, he is funny, he is Cammie. I always want to remember him this way. His excitement over the beautiful cupcakes, him waiting patiently as we all sang Happy Birthday to him, and then happily blowing out the candle. We sang to him twice and he and I did the birthday song a couple more times. Now, when I put him to bed, he asks me to sing him the “Ha Berday” song as he says it, every time.

Last night, as he ate his green beans, he took one in his hand, sang the whole birthday song and then blew out the green bean like a candle. It was the cutest thing. I wish I had a video camera in my hand to capture that moment.

I am glad I was able to capture his day at Giggleberry Fair. We had the most amazing time, and the cupcakes from The Lucky Cupcake Company were awesome!