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Another romantic boudoir photography session designed as a wedding gift for a very lucky husband! I did a boudoir session with this client’s best friend as a wedding gift for her then fiance, now husband, and this client told me she was obsessed with how beautifully her friend’s photos turned out! I’m always so happy when past clients refer me to friends–and even more flattered when those referrals decide to fly all the way from Chicago to work with me!

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The Love Story

This gorgeous lady and her fiance met several years ago and discovered a mutual love of the outdoors. They have a goal to visit all 63 US national parks–14 down, 49 to go! He proposed at Tortugas National Park and the two of them planned to get married in August of last year. Thanks to COVID, that didn’t quite work out. 2021 is the year instead. I’m so excited for them! And I know the groom is going to be beside himself to receive this romantic boudoir photography album from his bride as a wedding gift.

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Your Romantic Boudoir Photo Shoot

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People are sometimes a little nervous about doing a boudoir session. Please don’t be! You are going to look gorgeous and you’d be surprised just how empowering your photo shoot can be–especially when you see your finished images. This client said, “From the first photo Candy showed me, I couldn’t believe I was seeing myself. I looked amazing, felt confident, and couldn’t believe I had to keep this a secret until we get married in August.”

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My hair and makeup artist will make you feel super comfortable as you get ready. And as we start the shoot, I’ll let you know exactly what to do and how to pose. This client commented that she felt like a supermodel while I did her pictures. That’s exactly how you should feel! You are beautiful, and I want you to know it! Get in touch if you’re ready to book a romantic boudoir photography shoot of your own. Can’t wait to help you see how sexy and gorgeous you really are!

romantic boudoir photography
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Rave Reviews

I was thrilled to help this client create the perfect wedding gift for the love of her life. I was even more thrilled to learn how happy she was with her experience. She said, “I would recommend SugaShoc to anyone who’s looking for a fun, empowering experience.  Locals are lucky to have Candy and her team so close by.  For people who might not live close to SugaShoc, I would STILL recommend using them for your boudoir needs and making a trip out of it! She’s worth it!”

Thanks so much for the kind words–it was truly my pleasure!

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black and white photo of nude woman reclining on bed
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