Modeling Portfolios in PA

I’ve talked a lot about branding and headshots recently, but now I want to focus on modeling and portfolios. Just like a job candidate sending in their resume, a model sends in their portfolio. It shows your range, experience, and that you have what the company is looking for.

When we take pictures for your portfolio, we will do multiple outfits, various poses and backdrops, and try to get as many options as possible. Whether you are a fitness model trying to update your resume or are trying to build your resume, a professional and creative portfolio is a must.

in studio modeling portfolio dramatic boudoir and lingerie
in studio modeling portfolio dramatic boudoir and lingerie

Read on for my suggestions on how to have a successful portfolio shoot.

What should I wear?

Remember, simple and basic. You want to avoid too many prints and patterns. They will only take attention away from you. Make sure your clothing fits properly and is flattering to your body type.

If you’re not sure what to wear, I recommend doing some research and seeing what others in the same industry are wearing. Keep in mind that you are selling yourself, not the clothes. We will also have a consultation call to discuss the looks you want to achieve and I can then guide you with regards to bringing different clothing choices.

What kinds of photos do I need in a portfolio?

Your portfolio needs to include a variety of full length, headshots, and everything in between. Depending on the type of work you’re looking for, you’ll want to show yourself as that person; business, medical, lingerie, fitness, etc. 

Don’t forget to show expressions as well!

Hair and Makeup

No look would be complete without a full hair and makeup. We will make sure your look compliments your outfit, style, and overall theme. Depending on your work, we might take some makeup free photos as well to show more variety in your looks and capabilities.

Keeping Your Portfolio Updated

Jobs change, needs change, and you change. Make sure to keep your portfolio updated with current images, new looks/outfits, and any special skills you might have. Whether you do this monthly, bi-monthly or a few times a year, it would be best to have a set schedule to make sure your portfolio is always ready to go.

Whatever the reason, modeling, acting, or spokesperson, let’s work together to make your portfolio as amazing as you are. Let’s chat and get going! Looking for some inspiration? Check out my Instagram and Pinterest!

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