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When this family contacted me to do their maternity session, I was so excited to help them document their journey together. We kept it simple and did a backlit session against my studio window. Their daughter was so sweet and beautiful and I just couldn’t wait to meet the little newborn baby boy.

The couple brought in a picture of their sonogram and a pair of the cutest little newborn shoes so we found ways to incorporate them into their session. They used the picture of the shoes on the belly for the shower invitation and they also used the picture of them as a family for the baby shower and matted it so people could sign on it like a guestbook. I so love when couples bring in things to incorporate into their sessions. It makes it so much more special to them personally.

SugaShoc_Photography_Maternity_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA_couple_with_older_daughterSugaShoc_Photography_Maternity_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA_couple_with_older_daughterSugaShoc_Photography_Maternity_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA_daughter_laying_on_pregnant_bellySugaShoc_Photography_Maternity_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA_baby_shoes_on_bellySugaShoc_Photography_Maternity_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA_laying_downSugaShoc_Photography_Maternity_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA_sonogram_in_back_pocketSugaShoc_Photography_Maternity_Photographer_Bucks County_Doylestown_PA_daughter_laying_on_belly


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