Maternity Boudoir in Pennsylvania

There is nothing more beautiful than an expecting mother who wants to celebrate her changing body. When we mix boudoir and maternity, we are creating a session for you to embrace all the amazing things you are. This session gives me chills. This momma to be was so confident and comfortable with herself that we both found ourselves so in awe of the images we created together.

Why do boudoir maternity?

Bringing life into this world is incredible by itself, but when it’s coupled with recognizing the beauty of pregnant bodies, well, there really are no words. It is just incredible! With all the maternity photoshoots I’m privileged to do, I see women who are both extremely confident and some who may not be as confident. Believe me when I tell you that all pregnant bodies deserve to be praised and admired. These are once in a lifetime moments and should be captured. Part of my job is making sure you feel confident and beautiful. We will work together to make sure you have the boudoir maternity photoshoot of your dreams.

In studio boudoir maternity in Pennsylvania with black lingerie.

Let’s Head Outside

These outdoor photos were not originally part of the plan, but I am so glad she asked for them. You can never go wrong with a classic gown, nature, and a pregnant belly. Taking pictures outdoors provides such a different atmosphere that it’s almost like a completely different session. I encourage all sessions, maternity or not, to head outside and get some photographs worth remembering.

Outdoor maternity photoshoot with dramatic sunset and gowns in Pennsylvania.

Boudoir, Black & White, and Backlit

If you’re not sure how special I think pregnant bodies are, I’ll say it again. They are simply incredible! These backlit photos are some of my favorites from this session. The backlight creates both shadows and highlights that would otherwise go unseen. They give the body a gorgeous outline and showcases the sexy and romantic side of this time in your life.

Fine art black and white backlit implied nudity at maternity photoshoot in Pennsylvania.

Maternity Looks

No matter your comfort level, I have a wardrobe full of options. From full ball gowns, angel wings, wraps, and jackets, I have something for you. We will play with colors and textures to highlight only what you want shown. Between the wardrobe, hair and makeup, we will make you look and feel as gorgeous as we know you are.

I would love to help you create the maternity session of your dreams! I am here to answer any of questions and to make you feel as beautiful as possible. Take a look at my past blogs, Instagram, and portfolio for ideas for your own photoshoot.

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