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Customized Maternity Session

A customized maternity session for each client is essential in my eyes. As a Doylestown Photographer, I do photograph and edit a certain way, but I like to customize each session to each client because I believe that each person is unique and I want that to shine.  Just like  each client is special, each pregnancy is extra special. When a client comes to me with a vision and an idea, that matches my aesthetic, I do my best to give achieve the look and feel that they want.  This particular client, knew what she wanted and the end product turned out beautifully.

Custom Maternity Session at Peace Valley ParkCouples Maternity PoseSmiling Mother-to-be

Mixing it up

This beautiful Mama-to-be customized her maternity session with a mix of elegant gowns, in-studio boudoir, and opted for outdoor pictures as well.

Pregnancy is such a special moment that women only get to experience a few times, so capturing that beauty is such an amazing gift.

As a full service studio, SugaShoc was able to provide everything she needed to make her vision come to life.  We help you choose from two beautiful outdoors parks for outdoor shoots, have an extensive collection of maternity gowns and boudoir maternity pieces for use,  and multiple indoor studios to provide different looks.  We can also coordinate hair and makeup for clients, with handpicked stylists who understand how to make a client camera ready.

Mother-to-ne in flowing pink gown Custom Maternity Session Gown

Boudoir Lace Maternity Wrap

Every Maternity Session comes with the use of any of the studio’s gowns.  These gowns are custom picked to accentuate the beauty that is pregnancy and of course the growing bump. To see some other maternity looks from SugaShoc head over to the Instagram Page.

Boudoir Style Maternity Session

This client wanted to do some boudoir style shots, which I just love! The pregnant body is beautiful and needs to be celebrated.  Her skin looked so flawless in all the shots. She was a dream client…..

Boudoir Style Maternity ShotCustom Maternity Session Boudoir Style PoseMaternity Pose cradling bump

To see more boudoir looks click here to view the SugaShoc Facebook Page.

Gender Reveal

This couple wanted a cute way to do a little gender reveal through their photos. So along with some of the outdoor shots we also added in a huge pink balloon, to showcase the baby girl to be.

Custom Maternity Session Gender Reveal ShotCustom Maternity Session Outdoor Pose

Couples Maternity Pose on ladder

The whole package

In the end, this gorgeous couple got all the looks they wanted, a gender reveal, sexy looks, elegant gown pictures, and they all turned out so beautiful and timeless.

If you would like SugaShoc to bring your vision to life, click here to contact us.

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