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What’s sexy – a Boudoir photo shoot. What’s even sexier – a Couples Boudoir photo shoot! What better way to spice up your relationship and get some memorable photos than a couples boudoir session. As a Philadelphia Couples Boudoir photographer, I will create intimate images of you and your partner that range from romantic to slightly steamy to straight-up seductive. Contact me today to discuss a session for you and your partner!

Here’s a sneak peek into my latest Couples Boudoir Session.

Take a Seat – Philadelphia Couples Boudoir Photographer

My most recent clients wanted to have some sexy photos taken of them as a couple.  I was ecstatic that they chose SugaShoc Photography as their Philadelphia Couples Boudoir Photographer! As with any boudoir session, my all female Hair & Make-up team got to work making the wife look and feel beautiful. While they were glamming her up, I went through the clothing items my clients brought, and together, with some pieces from my boudoir client closet, I started to plan their session.

I love taking photos on the couch in my bedroom studio, because the natural light always cascades so beautifully. We started with some posed of the husband sitting on the couch while the wife straddled him wearing a black lace teddy. Although I encourage my clients to take a look at different poses and looks either on my Boudoir Portfolio Page or my Pinterest Page, there’s no need to worry! I will tell you exactly what to do, where to place your hands, and where to look to create the perfect photograph. Posing is my speciality, so you can relax and just focus on you and the emotions you are feeling!

He looked great wearing only some ripped jeans as he kissed her. I always love taking photos while shooting through my crystal chandelier to give that voyeuristic feeling.

Philadelphia Couples Boudoir Photographer man sitting on coucj with woman sitting on top in black thongPhiladelphia Couples Boudoir Photographer man sitting on couch with woman on his lap wearing black thongPhiladelphia Couples Boudoir Photographer couple on couch kissing camera looking through chandelier

No Choosing Sides in This Bed

Next, we did some poses on my studio bed. I thought she looked hot in just a white tank top and thong. The husband is again in just his sexy, ripped jeans. Loved capturing these intimate moments of them kissing.  I then posed them laying on the bed, with him kissing her shoulders. She then changed into a pair of black lace underwear and the image of him undressing her was so sexy.

Philadelphia Couples Boudoir Photographer couple on bed kissingPhiladelphia Couples Boudoir Photographer man kissing woman on neckPhiladelphia Couples Boudoir Photographer couple laying on bed with man behind woman kissing shoulderPhiladelphia Couples Boudoir Photographer close-up man removing woman's underwear

Honey…I’m home

Every husband fantasizes about coming home from work to find his wife in a sexy outfit waiting for him. I wanted to create this scenario in these photos so I had the husband wear a suit. His wife wore the top lace layer of her wedding dress, which she had previously worn in her Boudoir shoot – check it out on my Pinterest Page.

Philadelphia Couples Boudoir Photographer man in suit kissing woman in white lace dress hand on bootyPhiladelphia Couples Boudoir Photographer man in suit kissing woman wearing white lace dressPhiladelphia Couples Boudoir Photographer man in suit kissing woman i white lace dress with hand on breast

Heating up in the Kitchen

What’s cooking in the kitchen? This hot couple. Don’t you love them making out while the gorgeous sunlight streamed into the kitchen?

Philadelphia Couples Boudoir Photographer woman sitting on counter kissing shirtless manPhiladelphia Couples Boudoir Photographer couple kissing in the kitchen

Rustic Charm

I always love my pallet wall as a backdrop in my boudoir sessions.  It gives a rustic, rough aspect especially when contrasting with the romantic crystals in my chandelier. This couple looked so sexy as he held her against the wall and kissed her.  I love the added aspect of the camera’s view through the chandelier. Finally, I had them pose topless against the wall. His hand in her back pocket was the perfect touch to these super, sexy photos.

Philadelphia Couples Boudoir Photographer man kissing woman while holding her against pallet wall

Philadelphia Couples Boudoir Photographer couple wearing only jeans with mans hand covering woman's breast

I would love to be your Philadelphia Couples Boudoir photographer. Please contact me for more information. Please feel free to check out my other Boudoir Sessions on my Blog.

Philadelphia Couples Boudoir Photographer man sitting on bed with woman on his lap wearing white thong and shirt




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